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Recent content by Scar86

  1. Scar86

    Roster Discussion Thread (Closed)

    Those are both Martial arts stances that don't appear to use swords, the wrist of the action figure on the left is tilted at the wrong angle for wielding a sword correctly, especially with one hand. But then again, it IS a videogame. So real life laws don't necessarily need to apply. :) That...
  2. Scar86

    Roster Discussion Thread (Closed)

    I agree, ZSS overshadowed Samus in more ways than one, she was a much better character for competitive play. I hope that Link isn't as bad this time around, I thought he was good in Mele,. and they ruined him in Brawl, Maybe Ganondorf can use Swords or something. It's bad enough he's a clone...
  3. Scar86

    Roster Discussion Thread (Closed)

  4. Scar86

    Roster Discussion Thread (Closed)

    :mad::mad::mad: I know my opinion may not mean much. But I really don't see Samus as being all that sexualized. She isn't exactly flirtatious or talkative. She doesn't even come across as hard to get, just seems like detached professional. Sure she has a great figure, but so does Zelda...
  5. Scar86

    The Modern Day Character Poll

    Realistic: Sami/Max/Andy Advance wars (they work similar to Pokemon trainer and can summon different units). Lyndis Skull Kid Unrealistic: Conker Joanna Dark (N64 version) Turok (the Franchise has 7 games on Nintendo platforms haha) So I guess that's 2 votes for Andy and Lyn now?
  6. Scar86

    Nintendo Land

    Reggie pls go
  7. Scar86

    My idea for SSB4

    Yes I saw, And I'm quite happy you made the change. I feel that a Sphere layout might have been confusing in the long run. btw could you move the black stuff on the left side a little farther to the left? it's kind of messing with the character portraits! XD No problem, take you're time. I...
  8. Scar86

    My idea for SSB4

    I really really Like this Idea, and I think it could give The Developers a lot more room to expand the roster without cluttering up a single screen too much. IT could also give them all the space they need to expand with DLC. Perhaps there could be a similar system that manages the gametypes as...
  9. Scar86

    SSB4Wii U/3DS Assist Trophies and Poke Ball Discussion (New OP!)

    =""] I would love to see these two team up and become an Assist trophy or a Bossfight. IF Mewtwo can't be a playable character, at least we get to fight him! :)
  10. Scar86

    Hazard Enemies for SSB4?

    Yes. I hate the prymids so much
  11. Scar86

    Melee and ssb4.

    >Melee >Uber advanced techniques "] The Combat in Brawl was maddening to me, but there was more to it than just the "floaty" feel. IT was changing the mechanics. Like how you don't have to time Marth's Side-B anymore, you can just mash it. Or how you can hold down the A button...
  12. Scar86

    My proposed gameplay change: The Airdash

    I Like this Idea. I think that any move away from the clunky control's of Brawl is a step in the right direction.
  13. Scar86

    Custom Character creation, and how it can be done right.

    They won't be able to string Broken combos together if they're aren't any to begin with. Customization only becomes a liability when the character in question's moveset is fundementally flawed on it's own. Unless you add something like triple damage, a balanced character getting a small...
  14. Scar86

    Custom Character creation, and how it can be done right.

    Aliens? :O That could work. IT'll be funny to see Mii taunt parties in Online. Yes, captain falcon's smash in Brawl is Kind of Stupid. I like the one in Brawl - where he runs across the track and Falcon punches his enemy in the face though!
  15. Scar86

    Final smashes ssb4?

    It's like I'm really back on 4chan! No but Seriously. i think It's a discussion that needs to be had. The problem with final smashes is that some we're monstrously overpowered while others we're a complete joke. I'm not saying Nerf the Final Smashes. If theres tight, fluid combat than...
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