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Recent content by SAUS

  1. SAUS

    Question about Falcos dair to shine

    Yes it's possible to hit with weak dair on a short hop. It's just a small window, and the opponent has to somehow not get hit by the first part. This can happen if: 1) They are invincible for the start of the move but not afterwards (EX: they just did a tech on spot and you did a dair when they...
  2. SAUS

    Question about Falcos dair to shine

    NP! You don't have to start combos with shine. Dair is almost always a good combo starter. After you cannot reach them with shine, you can start to up-tilt after the dair and it will put them in a nice spot to combo (sometimes you can just up-tilt again lol). Dair against floaties at very high...
  3. SAUS

    Question about Falcos dair to shine

    Around 40-50 your opponents will get launched into the air a bit. I don't know if shine will still connect at this point, but I'd try to start up-tilting them at this percent range. The main thing is that if you dair them out of the air at this point, they can tech out of your combo. You have to...
  4. SAUS

    Question about Falcos dair to shine

    It definitely connects starting from 0 against all characters, but there's a lot of very small factors that can play a role in preventing it from working. 1) Dair too early and it gives them enough time to shield before the shine comes out. 2) If they are in the air when they get hit, they...
  5. SAUS

    PPMD's Falco Discussion Thread

    Seems like incorrect info from the commentator. IMO it is still a DI mixup and still very clever, though. When you get naired like that, f-smash is a common follow-up. However, it goes deeper. Since he DI'd that nair so well, a shine couldn't even hit him. I guess Plup thought he was safe with...
  6. SAUS

    Can we nickname Falco's Up-B "Internet Explorer"...

    It died out just before the (microsoft) edge
  7. SAUS

    Punishing double laser from the ledge

    Shine OOS between the lasers. Falco's laser can be as much as +3 on shield and shine OOS requires the full 5 frames of jump squat before your shine hits, so they have an extreme advantage there.
  8. SAUS

    Mindset during Friendlies

    I look at friendlies as practice. If it's too laid back, I don't get into the complicated situations and nuances I normally would so I don't learn anything. This is why I also hope my opponents in the friendlies see it this way - you will both get more out of it if you're both applying...
  9. SAUS

    What do you people think of this idea

    Neat idea but there's a bunch of problems: 1) Falco runs way slower than fox so he can't get into position to make it combo as often. 2) Up-smash is 5 frames faster and hits in a more relevant spot most of the time. It doesn't seem like much, but combined together, it gives a lot more time to...
  10. SAUS

    I keep seeing a weird property with power shielding

    Just fight a level 9 CPU Ganon. Run at him and nair him. He will powershield -> jab eventually. Give yourself handicap 1 and him handicap 9 and change the damage ratio to 2.0 for "Impossible Ganon".
  11. SAUS

    When you guys do a short hop reverse laser, do you input a fastfall

    You're probably starting the laser too late / inputting for the reverse too slowly. It's definitely possible to fast fall the lasers without slowing the speed. The main thing is you normally want to delay shooting the laser normally (to get it low), so during that delay is when you want to input...
  12. SAUS

    How do you land shines (mostly against fox and other fastfallers)

    Which part are you asking about? Anyway, if you run at them and they throw out attacks, then you now have a way to open them up. The game is too complex for one simple answer, but basically, if they don't stop you from running in, you can just run up and shine or maybe shine grab if they...
  13. SAUS

    How do you land shines (mostly against fox and other fastfallers)

    Rather than wavedashing in and shining, try just running in and shining (you have to jump before shining if you are still in dash). Wavedashing is actually quite slow. The main use is to allow you to get the type of movement when you can jump but not dash, or when you want to be able to do...
  14. SAUS

    Off/bad days

    +1 to meditation. Also I find my off days are pretty much 100% mentality issues alone.
  15. SAUS

    Is Falco Still Viable?

    I saw Westballz lose to Falcon at Evo. He can't even win this matchup any more? I think it is time for everyone to move on from Falco.
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