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    Aight, sorry new to using this
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    Can we just take some time to appreciate how FREAKING GOOD the characters renders are for Ultimate. I mean... if I was in Japan... working my ass off, and this was my end product for a decent pay, i'd be happy. If I nearly killed myself working on this and didn't get paid... i'd be happy. If I...
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    Reggie joins Team Liquid

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    ZeRo. That's why.

    ZeRo. That's why.
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    Mewtwo's current place in the meta.

    Mewtwo's current place in the meta has been rather weak as i've noticed viewing tournament VoD's to study. Granted, Mewtwo is a hard character to play, but with how little it's been seen in tournament, to how people are placing the character on tier lists, to how it's actual meta has evolved...
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    Who Is Your Favorite Ultimate Character?

    Easy. Mewtwo and Isabelle. I basically enjoy about 80% of the rest of the cast too lol
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    "Spirits" as it is called currently, is what most people are calling it currently. I have my own personal thoughts on this & what it is, so i'll share that. For one, I think Spirits is not the new name. I think it would most likely be a beta name for the mode. And the symbol people have shown I...
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    Target Test Stages

    If Target Test would be confirmed to be returning, would you like the Brawl TGT or the Melee TGT? If you chose the Melee version, what cool designs could you think of for some of the Brawl forward newcomers?
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    It's official, stage hazards (at least in this build) can be TURNED OFF!!!!

    We most likely are all very, very excited for SSBU, but, even more than that, is the wonderful stage hazard toggle. To put it simply, the SH (Stage Hazard) toggle is a highly requested feature for smash that remove's certain, if not all hazard's from the chosen stage. This is great for...
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    Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution Will Be Debuting in Theaters in 2019

    I have no words. I actually have no... words. I'm crying right now... my man's is back baby!
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    This post is to waste your time This post is to waste your time This post is to waste your time...

    This post is to waste your time This post is to waste your time This post is to waste your time This post is to waste your time If you read all of this I love you all ❤
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    Do you think Sakurai watches YouTube?

    No and yes. He most certainly does not have time to do even on an average basis, the highest amount of time i'd put on him doing so is 20-30 minutes at best, and that is a far stretch, as busy as he is with small video's anyhow. But I am extremely confident he has watched the Smash Brothers...
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    Super Smash Bros. Blog Weekly Roundup: Catch Up Edition (6/12 - 7/5)

    I'm really thankful that somebody made a post with details that are more compact & easy to understand of the blog posts. But you forgot about Sams & Pudding.
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    An Exhaustive History of Pokémon Representation

    I dunno. I personally think Decidueye will be confirmed as playable, but a generation 8 rep is more than possible. For one, decidueye is a very humanoid pokémon, & while not the most popular in some area's in my opinion it has the most potential to be a fighter due to sizing as something small...
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    Showdown Battle Royale 3 Preview: One of the Midwest's Fastest-Growing Fighting Game Series

    I wish I could go soo bad. Aw man... I wish I could go sooooo dang bad, but I don't have the money to attend. Oh well. I'm really upset about it, but there will be more tournaments to come. Plus i'll have more time to study & practice!
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