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Recent content by Samochan

  1. Samochan

    Apex 2012 Info Dump!

    Obviously I was mistaken after seeing the fake bracket and not reading the post thoroughly, which was well pointed out before you showed up late which even you seem to comprehend. There is no need to call me an idiot over that. >_> But yea, out of the fire and into the freezer, so it seems...
  2. Samochan

    Apex 2012 Info Dump!

    It is good to know then. Hopefully it'll get fixed. But if it doesn't, you may refer to that one post then. :p
  3. Samochan

    Apex 2012 Info Dump!

    So lemme get this straight. Sheridan promised to look at the amsah vs ice matchup, yet didnt and according to the bracket darkatma posted, ice not only got knocked out early by amsah whom he shouldn't have had to face so early on, but also got knocked out of the bracket by the exact same person...
  4. Samochan

    Europe at APEX 2012! - 24 Europeans!

    Ouch, that sucks fuzz. :< If you got any credit card or stuff in there, you should go make em inactive asap, unless you already did it. You don't want that ******* to make any debts to ya.
  5. Samochan

    Why is Friendly Fire on at tournaments?

    What amsah said. Cheap tactics not only involve projectile spamming, most notably 2 falco's on final destination, but all kinds of cheap things where you don't need to consider your teammates, you can keep hitting your opponent and make wombo combo seem like child's play. Friendly fire off makes...
  6. Samochan

    European countries - Smash scene info

    Nah it's ok, better have at least someone up there =)
  7. Samochan

    European countries - Smash scene info

    The community has moved to another forum to discuss smash stuff. =) http://smashfinland.munpalsta.com/index.php ninty-forum is dead, yeah. And uh, I'm never online on msm these days, so it would be hard to contact me. But since no one else really knows all those foreigners, then yea...
  8. Samochan

    Armada - The Beast Is Unleashed

    This needs to be brought up more. All the tubers are using glasses that seem to fog common sense when they praise effects he hardly made himself. I mean, anyone could see that. But ofc, he removed TK's comment from youtube and then removed the smashboard link, so that no one there would see...
  9. Samochan

    Some serious help here :/

    With using Falco early on, it might certainly be easier to win with pure tech skill alone against players of your own skill level. However, in the end it would not progress the mind aspect of your game much if at all, since falco is generally a rush character where it's better to think with...
  10. Samochan

    Some serious help here :/

    An approach that I feel should be mentioned here, an approach even amsah uses from time to time (which he also told myself to use), would be approaching and then shielding and after that using whatever maneuver from shield yo wish, be it either grab, wavedash, jump to aerial (say a very quick...
  11. Samochan

    Some serious help here :/

    Not a problem, I hope you'll enjoy your time on tournament. =)
  12. Samochan

    Some serious help here :/

    It is most likely just your inexperience against real people that do different maneuvers than computers do, that makes you freeze up since you're being uncertain in what you should do. It hasn't ingrained into your brain yet what kind of response you should make. It will fix itself in time if...
  13. Samochan

    Some serious help here :/

    I believe what you do not need really serious training, if what you're saying that your marth is already fluid enough to enter tournament. Most certainly not training with just your falco, all that would be at the cost of your main, both of which being very important in counterpicking. I also...
  14. Samochan

    Genesis 2 videos

    I get tube errors too damn much these days. I try to upload, something messes up, my router dies for a sec and bam, 95% upload cancelled. >_> Tube sucks.
  15. Samochan

    Genesis 2 Info Dump!: Pre-Genesis; players are arriving!

    Which would be the most ironical john ever, seeing as Armada has now won with playing NTSC hah.
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