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Sage of Ice
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  • if goku gets in this game then the rules are meaningless and all bets are off. on the next ballot i'm writing in Edward Elric, Rocket Raccoon, Iron Man, Garnet, the Game Grumps, my fursona, all four Beatles, and an impossibly-shredded gladiator version of Bernie Sanders cause at that point who cares anymore
    Sage, do you have a 3DS? If you do, here's my friend code: 2578-3430-9913
    See you soon.
    Uh... thanks, but can you send them to me regularly, because I (ugh) can't...reach.:p
    Hello, Sage! First comment, sorry Metal. Also, I was wondering if you have any sigs lying around for, say, Mewtwo, Krom, Ridley, Balloon Fighter and Shy Guy??
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