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Recent content by S0FT

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    Advice on Puff

    So first stock of each: Vs Sheik: 0:51-0:53: I really like how you started this match. You are right outside of sheiks range here, in control of center, and ready to react to where she lands with some kind of punish. Good job! 0:54-0:55: You should be reacting to what sheik is doing. She is...
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    How to beat a downsmash heavy sheik?

    You can wavedash oos and rest
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    Sing to Grab ledge backwards.

    Yeah. It is pretty hard to do consistently. The best use would be when a fox is firefoxing above the ledge. Usually when you are facing the ledge from the stage the opponent tries to sweet spot the ledge, so you can use her sing similarly to yoshi's run off and instant-grab. You can also do a...
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    Give It A Rest!: Jigglypuff Skype Group!

    Is this still happening? j.gdavis
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    Social Bair is underpowered - Puff Social/Disc Thread

    Oh wow the jiggs boards are still active. Sort of
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    [Feb 22, 2014] DIME 8 Ft. Silent Wolf (Plano, TX)

    Flights are super cheap to this. If I can get a ride from and to the airport and housing, I would love to come to this. tl;dr Helllllllpppppppp
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    I appreciate it. Checkout The Soft Show on Tuesdays at www.twitch.tv/smashstudios

    I appreciate it. Checkout The Soft Show on Tuesdays at www.twitch.tv/smashstudios
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    February 8th, 2014 - Y-Town Throwdown I - Melee/PM - Feat. Mango, S0ft, Abate - Youngstown, OH

    I was pretty interested in coming to this, but I would arrive at the megabus station in Cleveland. Is there a way someone driving from Cleveland could give me a ride there and back?
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    I have a huge problem with the current stage ruleset.

    I always viewed the stage list as another level of depth in melee. Knowing how to use a stage vs your opponent always seemed similar to knowing character matchups. I feel like people overstate how winnable or unwinnable a matchup is, in the same way they overstate how much stages affect...
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    Yeah this is one of the first tournaments where I really focused on my diet throughout the weekend and I think it was the only reason I got 33rd (which is a lot higher then I usually place). So I think eating only junk food definitely does not maximize your tournament performance.
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    There was fruit at the little store across from the venue, there was fruit at the 7/11, and there was fruit and mixed nuts at any of the grocery stores near the venue. The wrap place down stairs had whole wheat tortilla wraps, brown rice, and beans, and some other stuff.
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    Leffen obviously there were not as many options as cooking for yourself but I was able to spend the whole weekend at apex eating only (somewhat) fresh fruit, brown rice, beans, mixed nuts, and some veggies. I know that isn't the healthiest menu but it is way better then junk food and it was...
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