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    Wario Video Thread

    against yoh (ike player) It was a close match, but it feels like i am missing something. Do you guys have some advices for me?
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    How do you deal with super fast characters?

    I gave it up to use wario against fast chars. but now since sonics bthrow is nerfed, i am screwed
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    Who's a really good Wario that I can play?

    edit: too late now. I dont wait forever for an answer of someone who asked but never checked for replies.
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    Ike Video Thread (Critiques Welcome!)

    Just send me a pm during next week. keep in mind there is a difference of 6 hours between your and my place. If its 8 pm in germany, its just 2 pm at your place. Or something like that
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    Collection Room: Sonic Video Archive & Critique

    Uh nice :D I just started playing sonic besides wario and such moments are motivating me a lot
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    Collection Room: Sonic Video Archive & Critique
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    Wario Q&A Thread

    Maybe this video can help you. Just skip around And for me: i love castle siege against mk
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    Wario Q&A Thread

    thank you xzx!
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    Wario Q&A Thread

    yeah, you are right. i am just too afraid of getting stage spiked, but i should not underestimate my invicibility frames, thanks!
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    Wario Q&A Thread

    yeah, thanks. btw. falco chaingrab is 53-121. cya
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    Wario Q&A Thread

    how do i beat marth (there is someone besides leon and ramin)
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    Wario Q&A Thread

    why do we talk and theorycraft a lot and think way too much during matches for many years, where meanwhile in france is a little boy who even 3 stocked leon in a grand final again few weeks ago? i feel so bad
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    Dirtiest Player in the Game - Wario Social Thread

    good to see you are still alive, olaf! come over for a beer
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    Dirtiest Player in the Game - Wario Social Thread

    so the wario boards are dead? :(
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