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Recent content by RyuHoshi92

  1. RyuHoshi92

    Talk is cheap...

    Talk is cheap...
  2. RyuHoshi92

    Ryu (Street Fighter) in Super Smash Bros.

    I freaking called it!
  3. RyuHoshi92

    Hidden Gems: The Games that Seemingly Only You Played

    Guardian Heroes was so innovative for its time. Just not sure if anyone else knows its greatness.
  4. RyuHoshi92

    Ryu (Street Fighter) in Super Smash Bros.

    I'd love for Ryu to appear in Smash! He'd change the landscape for the game.
  5. RyuHoshi92

    Street Fighter V

    March 16th can't get here fast enough! XD That being said, I'd love to see some new blood.
  6. RyuHoshi92

    Super Smash Bros. Z? It's Not a Dream - It's Real

    I'd LOVE to see a Capcom Edition! It'd be my dream game! (Growing up with and influenced by both Capcom fighting games and Smash)
  7. RyuHoshi92

    Best 2v2 Team Synergy?

    Just wanted to hear everybody's thoughts on this. For me, Pit+Lucario & Mega Man+ZSS seem to work pretty well.
  8. RyuHoshi92

    Power Fighters - Who does Mega Man partner with the best?

    I hear ZSS works excellent with Mega Man. Explosive Offense + Hardcore Defense= Major Win!
  9. RyuHoshi92

    Here comes a new challenger!

    Hello Smashboards! I'm pretty new here, been a Smash fan since childhood (along with Street Fighter).
  10. RyuHoshi92

    Social Bubble Man's Jacuzzi (Mega Man Social Thread)

    First one was Mega Man X for me.
  11. RyuHoshi92

    Megaman Mains - What do you feel your weakness is?

    My weakness: Dealing with constant rushdown properly.
  12. RyuHoshi92

    Hello, Ms. Aran! Sean here. Managed to make a profile here somehow. X)

    Hello, Ms. Aran! Sean here. Managed to make a profile here somehow. X)
  13. RyuHoshi92

    Sean here.

    Sean here.
  14. RyuHoshi92

    Ryu for Smash 4!

    Ryu for Smash 4!
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