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Recent content by Ryobeat

  1. Ryobeat

    Nebulous 11 Results! 8/23/14

    Thanks for coming ^_^ Good luck in Socal Reno!<3 Our next event page, let us know you are coming! https://www.facebook.com/events/681874238562221/?context=create&source=77 Matches will be uploaded on our official stream, FreeSaltines! Remember to subscribe to them for Tristate Melee/PM...
  2. Ryobeat

    Nebulous 10 Results! 8/16/14

    Thank you everyone for coming! We had 51 entrants this time, so I like to see that we are keeping it at a consistent 40-50 :) Also, all of NY will miss Kaeon, Vino, and Smokey on their adventure to college! Come back soon! Anyway, come to the next Nebulous, Nebulous 11 on August 23rd, 2014! Our...
  3. Ryobeat

    Zenith 2014 Full Results

    And for those who are interested, Melee R2 pools results https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tHybAWTryPn6xBf31j4_3o5jSK_bqlZucDwdBvjAIHo/edit#gid=1376901736
  4. Ryobeat

    Zenith 2014 Full Results

    NOTE, there was a problem with the rankings for a 3 players. This is the correct order of results for Melee singles: Kaeon: 33rd Sir Rocko: 41st Soup: 49th
  5. Ryobeat

    Zenith 2014 Full Results

    Zenith 2014: August 2-3, 2014 NYU Game Center 2 Metrotech Center, 8th Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11201 Original Tournament Thread: http://smashboards.com/threads/aug-2-2014-zenith-2014-melee-pm-64-register-here-brooklyn-ny.350467/ Melee Singles Entrants: 281 1795 Melee Teams Entrants: 60...
  6. Ryobeat

    [Aug 2, 2014] Zenith 2014 [Melee|PM|64] - Register Here :... (Brooklyn, NY)

    Note that Smashers are very lazy to pay up, so it might not look like much originally :). I just updated the OP where you can find a link to everyone that RSVPed for the Facebook event(300+), and I also added a Google Doc that contains all of the paid entrants so far (150ish). Just note that the...
  7. Ryobeat

    OOPS, typo. It's actually Ryobeat

    OOPS, typo. It's actually Ryobeat
  8. Ryobeat

    MLG USERNAME: Ryoeat 49th at SKTAR 3

    MLG USERNAME: Ryoeat 49th at SKTAR 3
  9. Ryobeat

    Official NY/NJ/PA Melee Power Rankings! UPDATED 6/4/14

    I just updated it ^_^ It's not as neat as last time sadly, due to a lot of tournaments as well as out of region ones. If you have questions on results, let me know!
  10. Ryobeat

    Official NY/NJ/PA Melee Power Rankings! UPDATED 6/4/14

    Sorry about that. Note that we had no intention of discriminating. I will change it, thank you for pointing it out.
  11. Ryobeat

    Official NY/NJ/PA Melee Power Rankings! UPDATED 6/4/14

    Hey Zero! Basically, there was a lot of confusion between this PR should be NY/NJ or Tristate(NY/NJ/CT). Most likely, it will come down to NY/NJ/PA, so this summer ranking, you will be included for evaluation :) Edit: Can someone direct me to Pennsylvannia Facebook groups? I never see activity...
  12. Ryobeat

    Official NY/NJ/PA Melee Power Rankings! UPDATED 6/4/14

    We will most likely have a cool graphic art design of the PR'ed players, as well as a video showing the players. :) We are trying to make the PR and Tri-state more publicized, so if you guys could follow https://twitter.com/TristateSmash , that would be really helpful ^_^. If you guys have any...
  13. Ryobeat

    Justice 3 - NESS Qualifier - Results Thread

    This tournament was absolutely amazing. Shoutouts to the Streamer, the TOs, and everyone who helped out!(Also, I see you Smuckers, I helped all day; no special thanks. It's all good, Zang and I too good anyways). Anyways, shoutouts: 2: CTRL|The Moon : Legit placing! Next time, take that SET. 5...
  14. Ryobeat

    Brawl, Melee, SSB64 & Project M Super Smash Sundays East Coast # 1 Results - 3/23/14 - Red Bank NJ

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