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Recent content by Russell_SSB

  1. Russell_SSB

    Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Playstation 5

    I wouldn't mind that, actually. :)
  2. Russell_SSB

    Event Matches - We can Edit Them! All-Star and Classic Too!

    Hey, I am editing the events in BrawlBox. How do I get the song id to work?
  3. Russell_SSB

    King Boo for Smash Switch! Does he stand a ghost of a chance?

    I've always wanted to see another Mario/Luigi's Mansion villain in Super Smash Bros. Heck, I can tell he would be fun to play as! :) Not to mention, but if he had different variants of Boo, I would wanna play as this one:
  4. Russell_SSB

    Spirit Battle ideas

    I guess I forgot. Oops.
  5. Russell_SSB

    Spirit Battle ideas

    Maria Renard (Castlevania) Type: Support Class: :starman::starman: Slots: 2 Ability: Magic Attack ↑ Opponent: :ultzelda: (Red) Condition: Always favors Side Special Stage: Dracula's Castle Music: Vampire Killer {Remix}
  6. Russell_SSB

    Challenger Approaching REBUILD - Delzethin Revisits Geno

    Besides the fans wanting this character, I still can tell Sakurai would be pleased to add this character he's been wanting to get his hands on for a long time. ;)
  7. Russell_SSB

    Super Smash Strikers

    Honestly, so far I know who I'm gonna play as!
  8. Russell_SSB

    What character would you have as the final character?

    Okay, Balloon Fighter HAS to get a chance! I'd love to see his moveset become playable. Sure, he came from one game like the other NES characters, but he would actually be fun to play as! :awesome: Okay, here are my choices: 1. Rayman 2. Shantae 3. Crash Bandicoot
  9. Russell_SSB

    Nintendo Announces Online Event Starring the Fighters from Kirby and Donkey Kong!

    Time to kick some ass with my main King K. Rool!
  10. Russell_SSB

    What Mii Costumes do you want with music tracks?

    Dovahkiin (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) :ultswordfighter: The Song of the Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
  11. Russell_SSB

    Battle Arena All-Stars (complete version released!)

    I'd like to make an announcement for Battle Arena All-Stars. @Draco74 and I are now porting the game to Windows 98! Relive the nostalgia with ALL of your favorite fighters from many of the classic games including Rayman, Bomberman, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Sonic, Megaman X, Pikachu, and many...
  12. Russell_SSB

    “Sol Badguy Ignites the Fire” Guilty Gear Smash Analysis Part 2

    Okay, Sol Badguy would be a HELL lot of fun to play with! :grin:
  13. Russell_SSB

    Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2 Potentially Delayed Due to Coronavirus

    Well, as much as I have been waiting for Fighter Pass 2, I just hope Sakurai and the community are hanging in there thanks to the COVID-19. I just hope everyone's doing okay.
  14. Russell_SSB

    What Mii Costumes do you want with music tracks?

    For some reason, am I the only one who wants Bendy as a Mii costume? Bonus Track (keep it original or remix):
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