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Recent content by rundas1234

  1. rundas1234

    Both Melee And Smash For Wii U Break 1500 Entrants For Evo 2015!

    As a math & statistics major, i was thinking the same thing. LOL. Like, congrats you can do simple math. 3000 unique entrants or 3000 combined entrants? theres a huge difference.
  2. rundas1234

    Uprise of Long Island #13

    just a correction vinnie, i didnt use mk here. i went wario and snake in doubles. @~Quest~ im glad you enjoyed teaming with me ^.^ i enjoyed it too. sucks that i suck and sd'd as much as i did, and im still salty we didnt get second place. hazmatt and metalpat did amazing. lots of new faces at...
  3. rundas1234

    Top Players & Videos by Character

    any reason eli is listed for 3/4 characters? this list seems hella bias. like, add john numbers to charizard. seriously. the guy wins like, a bunch of the SBU biweeklies and has beaten rolex, zero, etc.
  4. rundas1234

    SKTAR 3 Results - Over 450 Unique Entrants!

    i find it hilarious that NAKAT wasnt at the venue and still outplaced someone LOL. but in all seriousness, melee was super hype. brawl was hyper than people know, and pm was hype also (Would have been better if m2k didnt **** up winners semis IMO, cause then we would have gotten rolex vs prof...
  5. rundas1234

    KTAR 9 Results - Ft Mew2King, Rolex, The Moon!

    P:M singles 7th place tho
  6. rundas1234

    Event - Apex 2015 Coney's "Never Have I Ever" Money Matches

    because **** got real for no actual reason
  7. rundas1234

    pm'd you! =) http://www.twitch.tv/rundas1234 i stream LI melee/pm tournaments and brawl practice...

    pm'd you! =) http://www.twitch.tv/rundas1234 i stream LI melee/pm tournaments and brawl practice sessions,
  8. rundas1234

    Twitch.tv Announces Official Smash Bros Page!

    I Stream Long island melee and project m tournaments for Crossfire Smash Tournaments. I also stream training sessions for brawl featuring high level players. I would like to be added to this list =) sending a PM now!
  9. rundas1234

    CROSSFIRE 3 (Atl North Brawl APEX2014 Qualifier)

    Long Island stepping up though.
  10. rundas1234

    CROSSFIRE 3 (Atl North Brawl APEX2014 Qualifier)

    jband went d3 on me, and luigi from what i heard.
  11. rundas1234

    Roy's Our Boy - General Hype/Discussion Thread

    hype, but wheres mewtwo :O this confirms that mewtwo/doc/pichu?/young link will return?
  12. rundas1234

    Smashboards is Back!

    get this man a ****ing cookie, good **** AZ
  13. rundas1234

    Massquerade 1: Attack on Alloy

    congrats on winning, BC.
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