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  • Ha ha fun stuff. Anyway, you won the actual tourney matches, so I'll report that. GGs.
    Yeah. Plus, I really am not very smart with GW (I've been using him lately because he's easy to pick up), other than bair. I picked up on uairing you in the air if you were using your upB, but I need to play with my Marth, who I atleast know how he's supposed to work.

    Maybe DS will give us another day or two. Depends on who else hasn't finished thier matches, I suppose.
    I would like to go Marth against you, but only if the lag improves. =P Either way, we're kind of running past dualseeker's timer.

    I might be able to play later tonight, if you can.
    You're alot better than I thought you'd be. @__@

    Something came up though, so you have the win.
    Should've responded earlier. >__> Having to re-organize things now, but since this'll probably our last chance to fight I imagine, I'll get on.

    be there in a mo'
    Can you play now? (we just haven't been able to get a good time it seems, though it's more my fault)
    Alright, I have about 10 minutes to play before I have to crash. You up for our matches now?

    EDIT: nvm. I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow or something.
    Sorry dude, you caught me at a bad time.

    If anything, I'll ask Dualseeker if we can have a bit more time if we can't get this done soon. Hopefully the week-end will give that opportunity.
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