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    The Beach House 7 Results - 5/4 - Michigan - 58 entrants

    > 2-0s everyone in pool > 0-2's out of bracket to 2 puffs I'll be ready next time Shoutouts to come later
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    SWEET XVI Results [East Lansing, MI] feat. Vaccine, Duck, Shady, KJH!

    Damn that's one hell of a run through losers Kalindi Good **** HIV on the finals sets
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    SWEET XIV Results [East Lansing, MI] feat. KirbyKaze, Trail, Duck, & more!

    Def got bodied here, redeeming myself next tourney. Shoutouts soon. Grats sir Young
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    Shuffle V - February 22nd & 23rd, 2014 - Columbus, OH - MLG supported event

    This looks rad as **** Gentlemen's Club attendance to be expected
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    Lake Effect 2 - Kentwood, MI

    I had a SoM concert on this weekend but I'll be back to reclaim glory for LE3 for sure Also, researching venues tonight, hopefully you guys can expect a Kzoo tourney in the potentially near future
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    Lake Effect 2 - Kentwood, MI

    yoooo this is the melee tourney of AF man
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    Lordyfest 3.0, Grand Rapids MI, 12/14/13

    Let's get right to the shoutouts: 1: Blake $36 :wolf:/:fox: - Didn't get to play you in tourney, but a Fox v MK run would've been hype. Good **** in GF's, you definitely turned it up to those patented tourney Blake levels. Thanks a ton for driving us all, especially driving my turnt @$$ home...
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    Lordyfest 3.0, Grand Rapids MI, 12/14/13

    Intense stuff, had a great time! Posting shoutouts soon.
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    The Beach House 4 Results

    Great tourney, Josh. Many apologies about that, I feel really bad about it and wish it hadn't happened. That kind of thing won't happen again. Many hype sets, guys. Gonna practice up super hard for the next tourney. Shoutouts to come soon.
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    Michigan Melee Social Thread and Power Rankings

    Blake beat Tremor at Body City and beat Butch G there too (and again at a tourney at Slayer's) if you're keeping track of that too
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    The Big House 3! Pools Predictions and Stream Requests

    Since WMU's homecoming weekend screwed me out of this tourney (again), I might as well make some pools predictions loooool Melee R1 Pool Predictions Pool1 l Hungrybox, Green Ranger, KJH, zbet Pool2 l Dr PP, Hyuga, Dope, Carroll Pool3 l ZoSo, Little England, Abu, Hellsing Pool4 l Frootloop...
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    Body City Results [8/10/13 - Ann Arbor, MI]

    Yo, so this tourney was a crazy end to the summer circuit. Lots of crazy matches. Let's jump into the shoutouts: 1: Kalamazhu :peachmelee: ($200) - Good friendlies, man. Let's get some more in next time. 2: Kels :foxmelee: :sheikmelee: ($100) - Yo GG's man. I'll try not to suck next time LOL...
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    Body City Results [8/10/13 - Ann Arbor, MI]

    Yo this tournament was sick nasty. Body City all around. There's an error in the placings, though. Blake and Hellsing's placings should be switched, as Blake beat Hellsing in the 9th place bracket right before losing to KJH in the same place in the bracket that 1der lost to Juggleguy...
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    Yeah, man, for sure. Sorry we haven't contacted you yet. Things have been kinda crazy, I...

    Yeah, man, for sure. Sorry we haven't contacted you yet. Things have been kinda crazy, I suppose, haha. I'll see if we can get Blake to host something bigger soon, but I'll let you know next time we're just smashing anyways for sure.
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