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Recent content by Revolution6 aka alterego

  1. Revolution6 aka alterego

    King Dedede Hitbox Visualization

    seeing these hitboxes make me wonder why in the blue hell he was nerfed.
  2. Revolution6 aka alterego

    King Dedede Tournament Results Thread

    if you come to Tales of Jank in early may i'd be down for some friendlies
  3. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Pokkén Tournament I found a cool combo :D

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkUbJ7i0YgI the combo is [Falling Y( 3hits)/ divekick (optional but if you get it it's better)] -> 5X.X(don't do if divekick starter) -> 6Y -> dash x2 -> 4A -> fully charge divekick -> ninetales -> Triangle situation (they can only counter or block to not get hit)
  4. Revolution6 aka alterego

    *UPDATING* Dedede Patch 1.1.6 WHAAT Impact and Discussion

    if this happens i'd pick up the game again
  5. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Who's the Best D3 in Your Region?

    Funny how I get some sort of recognition when I quit the game lol. I've downgraded from PR'd smash 4 player to TO.
  6. Revolution6 aka alterego

    King Dedede Tournament Results Thread

    http://challonge.com/sots1s4sing (mad old)this was the last tournament I entered before quitting 2nd of 48 never even realized @CaptainVul was Technique this entire time
  7. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Pokkén Tournament Recover's usability

    Recover also High Profiles (avoids lows) and has some sort of grab invulnerability or invincibility on it
  8. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Smash Wii U Any Central Wisconsin Players?

    you and I already talked
  9. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Smash Wii U SE Wisconsin Smashers?

    Make top 2 at 1 dubz tourney and you end up "best teams player in (insert region here)" smh
  10. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Smash 4 Power Rankings Directory Project

    I present to you..next level PR images source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1634089176866119/?fref=nf image source: https://gifsound.com/?gif=https://i.imgur.com/XSUtdFD.gif&v=k4nSPMthxtw The Ranking in Wisconsin (12/1 -3/1) is: 1. Muk.Lyfe | Marshall (:4diddy:, :4bayonetta:) 2. S4U | Z2G...
  11. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Thoughts on downthrow footstool

    dare say what characters is works on?
  12. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Thoughts on downthrow footstool

    So I was messing with GnW to day and thought to myself "downthrow footstool d-air sounds really hype" did consistantly and now i'm wondering what other footstool combos GnW has. (or how good of an option it is)
  13. Revolution6 aka alterego

    Is dedede underrated in sm4sh

    it's unfortunate but with all the DLC characters being released and no signs of another DDD is hot garbage.
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