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Recent content by resTy

  1. resTy


    The best part is that in real life, only 4 people attended this. But on the real, you don't need to run anymore tournaments, bro. Averaging 2-10 entrants for a solid year or more was the hint(s).
  2. resTy

    (Bracket added) When all 10 new people show

    If there is booze and a karaoke tournament at the next one, I'll for sure be there.
  3. resTy

    (NOW FEB 9th) Breakdancing Hippie Canis Lupus Jambaroo 2013 BRING TV/ SETUPS

    All these **** games have me rollin.
  4. resTy

    Wofl Interview Thread - rsr2

    This is the first thread that I have actually read since 2007. 10/10
  5. resTy

    Wrestlemania XII Screw Job (keep shawn in the sharpshooter in OT)

    Just don't include me in the PR. I'm obviously Secret Top Tier level.
  6. resTy

    Wrestlemania XII Screw Job (keep shawn in the sharpshooter in OT)

    Four entries and making a thread for it. lmao.
  7. resTy

    Kitten Parade #74

    Considering how I play once every couple months now, you're probably capable of beating me in tournament if you tried hard enough. But that's not the reason these 'tournaments' should die out. We don't travel, we don't play to get good, we just play for fun. Taking each others money isn't gonna...
  8. resTy

    Kitten Parade #74

    Honestly, we don't need to hold 'tournaments' anymore. It's a waste of time.
  9. resTy

    Kitten Parade #74

    Sorry, I'd rather succeed in real life than make a children's video game my top priority.
  10. resTy

    Kitten Parade #74

    The weekend of Finals Week. Poor choice, bub. @Rob: Pretty sure Darkrain is referring to the FFC tournaments that had pretty large turnouts (~50 entries). This tournament won't even come remotely close to that number (~10 entries). Let's keep it real.
  11. resTy

    Iowa-Joker's Monthly"WHY SO SERIOUS?"#28 Nov 22th

    Joker still hosts Smash tournaments? What the...
  12. resTy

    Omaha Weekly Smashfests

    I'm a washed up scrub now, Jace. A Smasher no more...
  13. resTy

    Omaha Weekly Smashfests

    I'm probably gonna ship over to Joker's this weekend instead. No Smash or nothing. Just broing.
  14. resTy

    Omaha Weekly Smashfests

    I haven't played Smash competitively ever since SMYM and I don't play any other games competitively (lol @ me playing Marvel and KOF). I've become a Spiral Knight in the past couple of months though. It's not a great life. Would not recommend.
  15. resTy

    Omaha Weekly Smashfests

    I won't be attending the Kansas tournament because I don't play Smash anymore. Bye.
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