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Recent content by Reldan

  1. Reldan

    Bread and butter

    I've been picking Corrin up since 8.0 and generally speaking I've found the following. This is just what I've found from playing around with Corrin and watching what vids are out there for her. That said unlike a lot of characters there's very little out there for Corrin that I think ties it all...
  2. Reldan

    Wii Fit Frame Traps/Safe-on-Shield Attacks?

    So far I've found one potential frame trap, although the timing is extremely tight. If you land against their shield with a FF Nair such that you hit within a frame or two of landing, a jab combo will beat out a shield grab even against characters that have 6-frame grabs. A UTilt can work as...
  3. Reldan

    Wii Fit Trainer changes in Ulimate so far

    That 1.2x increase to gravity is amazing. I didn't realize it applied that much. I know there's that vid floating out of deep breathing making WFT immune to the Luigi 0-to-death combo, and that makes perfect sense now.
  4. Reldan

    Shaping Up - Elements of Great WFT Play

    As all WFT mains know, there are a ton of tools WFT has that you end up needing to master to elevate the character to High-Tier. She doesn't innately just have a handful of super-strong moves that you can abuse to great success with just a strong grasp of fundamentals. I've been maining her for...
  5. Reldan

    Wii Fit Frame Traps/Safe-on-Shield Attacks?

    Hey all, I've been maining WFT for a couple months now and am wondering if there are any solid frame traps or safe-on-shield options that you find particularly effective. I know that s.hop Nair>Bair can get people who shield the Nair and think they can retaliate, but this only works solidly on...
  6. Reldan

    Social Survival of the Fittest - Wii Fit Trainer Thread

    So this is a thing with 3.0: 0-to-death combo from Ledge. Thanks to Varun! It looks like while the Header ball glitch was patched out (RIP), you can now Header back onto the ledge and land with no lag frames for some reason, and this allows for ridiculous combos as seen in the link above.
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