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Recent content by redcometchar

  1. redcometchar

    Guide The Ryu Combo Guide

    The double up air at low percent is pretty tricky, you have to hit the first one as you fall or it wont combo. I can post something here later. The late nair stuff is pretty finicky too so ill include it.
  2. redcometchar

    Guide The Ryu Combo Guide

    Let me just attach some stuff to this. Landing Nair -> Short hop Dair -> DP does about 40 and works from 0-50 or so. You need to dash forward before the dair at mid late percent far light ftilt (sweetspot) -> dash forward uptilt/jab -> stuff the only ftilt hitbox that combos is the one at the...
  3. redcometchar

    Possible Reference

    Can you link the clip your talking about. In the first ken trailer he does parry into final smash, without a ground move to link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_QolIho7OI just posting this here to make sure you have seen it
  4. redcometchar

    Differences between Tatsu's and when to use? (Ken)

    The guys on the ken/ryu discord know way more about medium shoryu than me, Ask there if you want more details about that.
  5. redcometchar

    Differences between Tatsu's and when to use? (Ken)

    That does not seem right to me. The heavy side b and up b have the furthest travel distance, not the light versions right? And what do you mean by "more effective". I think that light tatsu is way more effective in combos than heavy tatsu for ken, because ken can combo jab after it. Also true dp...
  6. redcometchar

    Differences between Tatsu's and when to use? (Ken)

    If you distinguish between true tatsu and side b aren't there six variations? I cant think of a situation other than recovery where you would want to do a side b instead of an input tatsu. Speaking of recovery air tatsu is different from ground tatsu so doesnt that make 12 versions?
  7. redcometchar

    Changing to shield art mid combo

    so i tested this , and i think you can only change if you open the wheel before you are hit. you cant open the wheel during any hitstun. The reason you can change monado during bayo up b, is because it doesnt actually true combo into its own multi hits. The combo counter is broken by 2 frames.
  8. redcometchar

    Changing to shield art mid combo

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSz-63Ouy6M During several bayo combos in this video, Darkwolf switches to shield art mid combo and escapes. This always seemed to happen during bayo's witch twist. Does anyone have any insight into when exactly shulk can and cannot switch monado arts? My...
  9. redcometchar

    [solved] Strange Zair tech help

    in melee you didnt have to hold forward during the dj, and also in melee you had to input an attack after the dj not at the same time so its a little different which is why i couldnt figure out how to do it.
  10. redcometchar

    Instant R.A.R Tech

    Do you guys know if this is why ryu can cancel is light dtilt into a jump? https://twitter.com/DzWhaler/status/1068054276826648577
  11. redcometchar

    [solved] Strange Zair tech help

    Yep thats it. Thanks a bunch.
  12. redcometchar

    "Brother from another MOTHER". Lucas Smash Ultimate Discussion thread.

    Hey anybody know what tech this is at 0:30 and 0:50 with the zair? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvXfvQDo9Ro&index=2&list=LLUUIrCgqmhsdVuOC-WguhEQ&t=0s
  13. redcometchar

    [solved] Strange Zair tech help

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvXfvQDo9Ro&index=2&list=LLUUIrCgqmhsdVuOC-WguhEQ&t=0s In this video at :30 and again at :50 lucas appears to do a djc zair or something similar. In the comments the Author says the inputs are "jump + (jump + z)" but doesnt go into further detail. In frame by...
  14. redcometchar

    The Project M Backroom Releases New PM 3.6 Tier List

    I'm really not so sure basing these things on results is the best strategy. I don't really understand the logic. Can someone give me an explanation? Just because fewer people play fox, he is now worse than sheik? I must be missing something.
  15. redcometchar

    Ice climbers discord

    yep http://smashcords.com/melee/
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