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  • Hey rebaz, just wondering about if something is a combo that has been discovered yet, more specifically if it is practical at all. ive never seen you do it, so i wonder if its just not useful or not. anyway...

    Dthrow> SH Uair> Jab cancel Up B

    and is this considered a combo?

    tack så mycket :)
    also, I got the impression you are dutch rebaz.
    If this is the case, that would rock because I am too.
    We could have very little lag during our matches (if you want to brawl against me offcourse)

    and if you live in the Netherlands, and you don't live far away from me, maybe we can even have offline matches :D
    would you like to brawl against me on wifi?
    I know wifi and offline is very different.
    I'm not here to get beaten by/or beat the rebaz and spam the forum with the results.
    I'm here to play against and learn form a great falcon.

    It won't matter who wins or loses as it's wifi.

    my friendcode: 3050-9951-8920

    please let me know if you want to brawl against me:)

    also thanks for your reply on my guide
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