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Recent content by Random23

  1. Random23

    Kirby vs Yoshi MU. Thoughts?

    Bair generally won't hit through his recovery until high % because of the way it works. Hammer instead might be a useful option to hit him out of the double jump. Overall I think this MU is pretty even, but kirby should win it. You need to respect Yoshi's tools.
  2. Random23

    Smash UK Discussion Thread - Check first post for tournaments, facebook info and videos!

    :bluejump: new year new me :bluejump:
  3. Random23

    The Kirby Matchup Thread

    Bowser's the only character I play secondaries against, hate playing against that armour, not killing him til high % and dying at 50%
  4. Random23

    Smash UK Discussion Thread - Check first post for tournaments, facebook info and videos!

    You'd be suprised, the page is filled with newbies and there's 2000+ members on there. I agree that the OP should be edited to make this clear though.
  5. Random23

    The Kirby Matchup Thread

    I feel like both matchups are still going to be pretty similar. In those matchups most of the options that were nerfed are options that were pretty bad anyway. Vs both of those characters I try to play extremely aggressive, to deny them their zoning options.
  6. Random23

    Using Sheik and Zelda

    There's no real point to using zelda for storing needles. If you want needles that bad after respawn just use your whole invincibility for it, and then you won't get punished hard for transforming either.
  7. Random23

    Quick question: what has more lag jump cancelled grab or standing grab?

    They're exactly the same - Jump cancelling your dash into a grab just makes you do the standing grab instead of the dash-grab, which is always favourable for sheik outside of boost grabbing.
  8. Random23

    The Kirby Matchup Thread

    Thanks for the advice, when recovering is it best to always go as high as possible? I'm finding that going low just gets me fsmashed or daired :(
  9. Random23


    Haven't made an introductory post on here yet. I'm R23 from the UK, and I've been playing for a year now. Sheik in melee, kirby in pm and looking at picking up wolf as a secondary after the lucas nerfs. I've been establishing myself as top 5/6 at PM in the UK during 3.02, and I'm going to do the...
  10. Random23

    Guide Tetraflora's Kirby Guide

    I think inhale powers will be a bit more important now that inhale has been nerfed. Yet to experiment with it much yet tho
  11. Random23

    The Kirby Matchup Thread

    Marth got more difficult this patch I think. Already a tough matchup, something I have to adapt to and get better at. Any general tips for the MU though from people in terms of approaching?
  12. Random23

    Kirby Everything -- Kirby Social Thread

    That dtilt tech sounds really sick, I was using it as part of my pressure already but had no idea it worked like that. Great find!
  13. Random23

    Kirby Everything -- Kirby Social Thread

    Overall happy with the changes, didn't get nerfed too badly in comparison to most of the cast. Any changes that came in I think were pretty fair and just getting rid of 'silly' stuff. Off stage game will destroy all these nerfed recoveries!
  14. Random23

    Best Team-Mate[s] for Sheik?

    My regular teammate is a falco and I really enjoy playing that team. Falco racks up the damage in a similar way to peach, you can protect him from getting gimped too badly and if you can identify that he's clearly better than one of their players you can split it into 1 vs 1 where you just wall...
  15. Random23

    How to Deal with Downsmashing Peach?

    Approaching peach at low %'s is difficult. Try waiting for the dsmash to finish though and grabbing? What situations are you getting hit by it in?
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