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    Q&A Quickplay and Battle Arena

    My friend and I like to play against each other with the Arenas and ever since about a month ago, the match would take very long to load and would occasionally fail to connect and end the match. Today, the problem is consistent in that we cannot start a match at all. This hasn’t always...
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    Cuts for future installments?

    The main reason I made this thread was to see if Sakurai actually said that or if I’m just crazy. I looked through the e3 presentation and the Simon Direct and I couldn’t find it. Can any of you either find it or confirm that I’m crazy?
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    Cuts for future installments?

    I seem to recall Sakurai stating that it is likely that there will be cuts for future Smash installments, but I can’t actually find where he said it. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. I’m mainly asking for the homies Pichu and Ice Climbers. I think it’s fairly likely that Ice Climber will...
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    Reasons to play Pichu over Pikachu?

    I’m excited for the power put behind Pikachu in Smash Ultimate and I wanted to know if there would gain anything from being able to switch between Pikachu and Pichu. However, I don’t know why one would play Pichu over Pikachu. I know: - Pichu has recoil damage. (Apparently, this can help build...