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Recent content by ramz zeus

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    Not really sure what to do vs luigi

    So i can beat the best luigi player in my region but i still feel like i dont completely know what im doing. I feel like if i went up against a top luigi main id get destroyed lol. My current game plan is just to bait out nairs into a uptilt up air and laser him to make him approach and try to...
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    how does the smash bot infinite combo marth and sheik?

    https://youtu.be/o1bfQWy8o08 48:40 i know you can infinite combo characters like peach and falcon by jc shine turn around wavedash but this method doesn't work vs marth sheik samous when they di out.So how does he do it do they just have bad di?
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    Waveshining Marth Across FD

    if marth sdi's away your going to have to run jc shine otherwise they will be able to shield before you can hit them its best to end the combo (likely when they get close to the ledge) with a jc upsmash jc grab or running nair
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    Most optimal platform techchase follow up ?

    as fox when you up throw a fast faller at low percent and it leads to a tech chase starting with you below the platform what is the most optimal follow up? so far I've just been up airing but this can be sdi whats a better option ?
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    The Punish Game Thread

    yeah it was pretty cool i learned a few things
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    Marth Side B combos

    there is a couple things one is side b to dair you need to have the refreshed one and use it at about their body level and sense it will send you up and send them down it will have enough hitstun to lead to dair ive seen m2k go for this alot at last stocks and there is also this video...
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    how do you beat a peach that float cancel bair camps you?

    so basically what the title says this one peach keeps float cancel bair camping and stuffing all my approaches and i dont know how to counter it any suggestions on how to beat this option ?
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    Combo game on Falcon

    generally you just want to wave shine him infinite him weather its by a dair running shine etc but sometime with nair depending on their di and percent you may be able to get a uptilt or up smash in and hit them with single hit up airs to back air to edge guard these are just pretty simple...
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    Advancing the Mewtwo Meta Game

    thanks man did you ever talk about the link matchup?
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    Advancing the Mewtwo Meta Game

    can you also give me the things most important to practice with mewtwo?
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    Advancing the Mewtwo Meta Game

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    im new to Mewtwo what are some of his things i should know about him?

    hey guys im starting to side main mewtwo because he is really fun to play can you guys give me tips on things i should practice in order and just some basic things i should know about matchups and such thank you
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    Advancing the Mewtwo Meta Game

    lol sorry i dont have time to go threw all the replies but do you have any advice vs marth im starting to side main mewtwo because he is fun what are the things you want to do/ avoid in the match up
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    Nair VS Sheik

    http://smashboards.com/threads/how-to-kill-people-when-you-hit-them-wip.428871/ dont really know about the nair but this is for your question about grabs
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    why dont more falcons use back air from the ledge ?

    so i was testing some things and i found out if you let go of the stage on frame 8 jump, back air 1 frame after jumping next frame start drifting towards stage and fastfall on frame 18 the bair autocancells and you can shield while being fully invincible and if the bair connects you can get a...
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