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Ramen Tengoku
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  • Now that we officially have a Smash Direct coming, I thought I'd be fun to share my final predictions

    The Direct will start off with a trailer, revealing fighter 69 aka Incineroar...
    Shortly after, fighter 60 E Ken will be announced as Ryu's echo...
    The Direct will end on a dual reveal trailer
    The first half will reveal fighter 70 Isaac.
    While the latter half will reveal fighter 71 Chorus Kids...

    Other random things...
    Shantae will be an Assist...
    Majora will be a boss
    Smash Run Returns

    So Here it is folks, my final Predictions
    69 Incineroar
    60 E Ken
    70 Isaac
    71 Chorus Kids
    Thought I'd just share my overall thoughts on the Grinch leak...

    I feel like it's only semi real, It's just missing Incineroar and it has a leak bait character that's taking Incineroar's place
    Something's telling me that Banjo is the leak bait character. Microsoft's relation with Nintendo is only pretty recent...
    The other characters make sense to me
    The growth item for Isaac
    Geno being heavily rumored and requested
    Mach Rider lining up with the Gun mech thing that Sakurai bought...
    Ken being confirmed by Vergeben and being possibly already leaked
    Shadow being heavily rumored
    And the Chorus Kids being planned for Smash 4...

    And yes, I do believe that Incineroar is in the game
    It'd be stupid to not have a new Pokemon added, it's the highest grossing media franchise in the world. Not to mention the madness that was Pokemon GO...
    Pokemon is the only franchise to have a newcomer added to every Smash game, and I see this one being no different...

    Just to recap, I think the banner is real, just with some intentionally false information, and Banjo isn't in the game, but Incineroar is.
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    Ken is confirmed by Vergeben, apart from that i think it'sa real with Incineroar missing
    I honestly believe Incineroar himself is the leak bait
    Ramen Tengoku
    Ramen Tengoku
    Did you not see my comments against Incineroar being leak bait?
    If you don't mind me asking, where do I find those custom icons (like Incineroar, etc.) to use in my signature?
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