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Ramen Tengoku
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  • Hey! I noticed you just followed me, Thank you! I always see you on the general discussion thread since I mostly lurk and barely post stuff, but I didn't expect this lol. btw I like your profile pic, is it from LGPE?
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    Ramen Tengoku
    Ramen Tengoku
    Hey, no problem...

    As for my profile pic, it's actually from X & Y. It's one of the Tourist Trainers...
    Kon'nichiwa! Thanks for the follow! This old lady is among friends here and the more the merrier. ShinyLegendary used to be my best friend but he does not appreciate me. Who needs him anyway when there are countless members here to befriend.

    Sa, I shall return the favor right now...
    I've been away for a while and the latest alert I get is that a fellow RH fan has followed me! Thanks bud

    Also, did ya know Fruit Basket's in Ultimate's soundtrack now? I hope this means some more representation is on the way....
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    Ramen Tengoku
    Ramen Tengoku
    Hey, no problem.
    Yes, I heard about Fruit Basket's music being added. Pretty excited about it
    We also have 6 confirmed RH Spirits. Karate Joe, Chorus Kids, Munchy Monk, Baxter & Forthington, Wrestler & Reporter, and the Sumo Bros...
    Already, a lot of content for RH fans to be excited about...
    Still hoping for a stage or character for DLC, of course
    Thoughts on the Detective Pikachu Trailer

    So... I think it's time to give my personal thoughts on the trailer for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

    Pikachu in particular looks really nice
    Love the noir tone
    Justice Smith's acting is great
    Nice to see a lot of references and callbacks to the games
    I'm glad that they have Pokemon from basically every generation, and they didn't just stick to Gen I
    Ryan Reynolds does a pretty good job as Pikachu
    That Mr. Mime interrogation gag was pretty hillarious

    Pokemon like Jiglypuff and Emolga look weird
    Not too sure who it's trying to appeal to... Pokemon as a franchise is appealing to kids, but there's a bit of an adult edge in the trailer too...
    It's coming out the week after Avengers 4...

    Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic when it comes to the movie... We'll just have to wait until May 10th, 2019 to find out if it's actually good or not
    Final DLC Predictions
    Now that we know the DLC has been picked and that Nintendo chose the characters, it's time to make some predictions....

    Slime (Dragon Quest): Dragon Quest is huge in Japan, In fact, I beileve it'dd the biggest Jappanese video game franchise to not be in Smash yet. Slime is the mascot of the series and if Skaurai can make a moveset based on a Piranha Plant, he can easily make one for Slime.

    Steve (Minecraft): This is gonna be one controversial addition, especially to all you Banjo fans out there, but no doubt about it, Steve seems very likely as our first western third party character. Minecraft has been on Nintendo Consoles for only 3 years now, and it already has some deep Nintendo ties... Nintendo seems to like promoting it a lot, a Creeper New 3DS, and the Switch / Wii U versions being the only non Xbox versions to have the Microsoft packs that include both Master Chief and Banjo. Steve could also make a fun character, using his crafting system to make some better weapons and armor during the fight.

    Katalina (Granblue): You thought Steve was gonna be controversial huh? Wait til Katalina gets in. Hailing from a massively successful Japanese mobile game, at first it seems strange to let Katalina in of all characters in Smash, but when you remember that Nintendo owns stock in Granblue's creator, CyGames, and both collaborated to make Draglia Lost, her inclusion starts to make sense. It definitely helps that she has a pretty neato design, and she would be the first ice user to get in since the Ice Climbers...

    Unrepresented Nintendo series: So... call this cheating, but I'm just not sure which one they'd choose... I can see 2 likely options though. Either Twintelle or Min Min from ARMS, or one of the many colorful characters from Rhythm Heaven. It would make for some great promotion, and It'd be nice to have another Nintendo Franchise Represented...

    Edelgard (Fire Emblem): "Another Fire Emblem character? Ugggghhhh!" You say that, but Edelgard kinda makes sense. Aside from promoting Fire Emblem: Three Houses, she could also make for a pretty character. Wielding an axe alongside a sword, and standing out compared to the other Fire Emblem characters on the roster is gonna make her quite the character. A controversial one, but a pretty great one regardless...
    My final thoughts on the Super Smash Bros Ultimate base roster Newcomers

    Inklings: Look really fun to use, and seem really unique 9/10
    Daisy: Still surprised that she's in, but that makes it even better 8/10
    Ridley: If game play footage is anything to go by, he's gonna play a little bit like a Xenomorph... neat 5/10
    Simon: He looks true to the original games, and his whip looks great 9/10
    Ricther: Nice to see a memetic legend joining the ranks of Smash 9/10
    Chrom: Why wasn't he in Smash 4 in the first place? 7/10
    Dark Samus: Samus... But dark... 6/10
    King K. Rool: Eh, never really cared for him to be honest 3/10
    Isabelle: Having played Villager in Smash 4 a lot, I'm looking forward to see the differences she can bring to the table 9/10
    Ken: The one echo that stands above the rest... I like Ken more than Ryu anyways, also being the og echo... Makes sense to me 10/10
    Incineroar: The unique newcomer I am most hyped about. Not only was Litten my starter in Sun and Moon, but he looks fun and expressive, and everything...I'm glad that there are more than just fan favorite additions. Another thing to note about Incineroar is that he is voiced by the late Unshō Ishizuka (well known for roles such as the
    Japanese voices of both Professor Oak and Heihachi), who passed away in August of this year... Incineroar is kind of a swan song role for him. Making his inclusion even more bitter sweet. So yeah, out off all of the newcomers, Incineroar is easily my most anticpated newcomer of the whole bunch. Can't wait to try him out 10/10

    Overall, it's an 8/10 roster...
    There's only like one inclusion I don't really like, and would have really liked a Rhythm Heaven character, but other than that, pretty great if you ask me...

    As for Piranha Plant, he's a 9/10. I like joke characters, so he seems right up my ally...
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    Ramen Tengoku
    Ramen Tengoku
    It is my opinion...
    I'm happy for their fans, but they just don't call to me personally...
    I usually prefer characters with unique attributes over fan requested ones...
    I just don't understand how you give Simon Belmont a 9/10 because he was true to the games. But King K. Rool's moveset gives a reference to every appearance even his most vague ones.
    Ramen Tengoku
    Ramen Tengoku
    Simon looks fun to me... Can't really say the same for K .Rool
    Congrats on Incineroar, sorry about no Rhythm Heaven rep... maybe DLC?
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    Ramen Tengoku
    Ramen Tengoku
    I'm gonna be fine with just Incineroar
    That being said, Rhythm Heaven could very well be DLC...
    Deleted member
    I think any rep is really likely but Rayman might push them to later...
    My bets regarding the direct

    If the Grinch leak is real, I'm changing my Profile Pic to the Cat in the Hat bat meme...
    If the Grinch leak is fake, but the Chorus Kids are in, I'm changing my profile pic to Bob Ross
    If Chorus Kids don't get in at all, I change my Profile pic to Robbie Rotten
    And If Banjo actually gets in, I'm eating paper
    Also, If Steve gets in, I'm gonna upload a video on youtube on why he's the greatest addition to Smash Bros
    Now that we officially have a Smash Direct coming, I thought I'd be fun to share my final predictions

    The Direct will start off with a trailer, revealing fighter 69 aka Incineroar...
    Shortly after, fighter 60 E Ken will be announced as Ryu's echo...
    The Direct will end on a dual reveal trailer
    The first half will reveal fighter 70 Isaac.
    While the latter half will reveal fighter 71 Chorus Kids...

    Other random things...
    Shantae will be an Assist...
    Majora will be a boss
    Smash Run Returns

    So Here it is folks, my final Predictions
    69 Incineroar
    60 E Ken
    70 Isaac
    71 Chorus Kids
    Thought I'd just share my overall thoughts on the Grinch leak...

    I feel like it's only semi real, It's just missing Incineroar and it has a leak bait character that's taking Incineroar's place
    Something's telling me that Banjo is the leak bait character. Microsoft's relation with Nintendo is only pretty recent...
    The other characters make sense to me
    The growth item for Isaac
    Geno being heavily rumored and requested
    Mach Rider lining up with the Gun mech thing that Sakurai bought...
    Ken being confirmed by Vergeben and being possibly already leaked
    Shadow being heavily rumored
    And the Chorus Kids being planned for Smash 4...

    And yes, I do believe that Incineroar is in the game
    It'd be stupid to not have a new Pokemon added, it's the highest grossing media franchise in the world. Not to mention the madness that was Pokemon GO...
    Pokemon is the only franchise to have a newcomer added to every Smash game, and I see this one being no different...

    Just to recap, I think the banner is real, just with some intentionally false information, and Banjo isn't in the game, but Incineroar is.
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    Squirtle/Mario guy
    Ken is confirmed by Vergeben, apart from that i think it'sa real with Incineroar missing
    I honestly believe Incineroar himself is the leak bait
    Ramen Tengoku
    Ramen Tengoku
    Did you not see my comments against Incineroar being leak bait?
    If you don't mind me asking, where do I find those custom icons (like Incineroar, etc.) to use in my signature?
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