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Rambo Hayabusa
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  • Hey man, I'm trying to get all my smashboard buddies back ever since I closed down my website, if you remember it lol. Since I made it not too long ago, there will only be a few ppl It'd be cool if you could spread it around to your friends on smashboards too! XD Here it is buddy http://xat.com/AeonsBrawl
    So I'm back home in CA w/o wii... I'm gonna be playin at a friends house every now and then but I'm not gonna have much wifi experience so yay for that
    lol yeah I am dude. It's just that I rarely go on smashboards now. Do you have any AIB account?
    K guys I have Brawl again but I'm using a different wii so different friend code if anyone wants to play 4167 8677 9809 and I'm in Arkansas now so better connection with some people, and worse for the guys who were west coast :ohwell::ohwell:

    Also for AiB my profile is http://allisbrawl.com/profile/Ramb05.ai
    ok. o we can use the sample stages btw

    put it on a timed contest, go to a hacked stage(ex. HRC) and dont kill each other, wait for the bombs to fall.

    really?! i didnt delete you... hmmmmm my room may have been full or someone in my room declined you
    ok this new hak is funny i can make us almost invincible, or die imidiatly. also my computer has internet so we can talk during a match, if i say be right back and then say roflmao@u&loling and just sit there i need to tell you something ok? ill also check after each match. also time= me
    Yeah my nephew and brother is usually on in the day time or I'm doin something. Also late night is when everyone else is off their computers over here so I could get less lag.
    just wondering cause i only catch you on late at night.

    also its not RJ(sorry) its nnaner, AKA, waff, AKA, Guy.
    just to tell you... i could care LESS who you give my FC to. cuz it dont do them no good unless i got thiers! :D and yea a new online hak is the pokemon switcher(i like making it manaphy cause im decent wit all characters :lol: ) my FC is 1333-0646-0383

    im not sure but i think it was RJ... cause he was tellin me hes makin a vid at my forum... speakin of... would you like to join? my forum can be found here
    Yeah I'm prob not gonna play with Sheik online very often :)
    Playing with secondaries makes the game more fun, so I don't get to competitive over it :p
    Your friends are all decent players :)
    haha yeah she is fun to play with, and you beat me Jiggly when it was 1 on 1 so you're obviously beter with her :) I don't use Shiek in matches with a lot of people, cause she's more of a 1 on 1 type character :p
    Anywayz, what's your main? Unless its Jiggly O_O
    Btw, I guess it was just a counter against your Jiggly. Since I suck at playing against them for some reason, as I do with all floaty people like Kirby and MetaKnight O_O
    Haha hey rambo, I just wanted to try Jiggly out for myself. And I find I'm pretty decent with her haha
    Maybe not good enough for a secondary but she's close :)
    i mean just hanging on the edge so i cant grab it (ex: olimar:i use up b while you edge hog i cant get bak up and fall helplessly(no skill what so ever))
    i DID reply to your last question...it just didnt appear on your profile for some reason... go to my profile and check it out you should be able to see it

    EDIT: OMG!! how come this one worked?!?
    Sorry guys I am without a wii, possibly for quite some time. Could be weeks, could be months you may want to erase me from your roster if you wanna make room for adds. So until later I'm gonna be playin some Melee.

    Edit: :laugh: May have another month or so after all.:dizzy:
    hey, i've seen you around here lately and i'd like to play you if want.
    my code is 4811-7818-0845
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