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  • Once again another smashing Donkey Kong Off today. Hard to believe this is the 3rd straight year in a row both of us have breached Kaptain K. Rool. Definately a competitive competition.
    No. You called him out, but you weren't rude about it. I found it tactful with a dash of humor. It made me chuckle.
    Once again another smashing DK2 off with both of us once again breaching Kaptain K. Rool for an epic finish. Could have been anyone's game.
    That was a smashing Donkey Kong Off today. I can't believe it came down to the wire with both of us breaching Kaptain. K. Rool. We both did a lot better than last year's contest. Once again it was fun and I look forward to the DK3 Off in December.
    hi bobby, my name is Mark, i'm a friend of Mike Lambert's because we both go to UT together and since his Wi-fi isn't working he suggested i give you my brawl FC for when you guys play at your house, then i can jump in as well. My FC is 4725-8837-5642. I look forward to playing
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