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  • Good to see that someone else knows what it is, it's nice to know that there are some fellow MOTHER fans out there in the smash community ;D
    so i jsut won the premium giveaway, look at the name they gave me. lol, but i changed my title to "odin, the roy dude"
    People i guess, live smash is always fun, i streamed a training sesh tonight and in the recording i have some sick stuff, cpus are so bad lol.
    i have a twitch tv account and im ready to live stream stuff, we should stream som friendlies sometime
    I just got dazzle and all the necessary cables. We should record some friendlies at my house
    Now remember dylan, when I dthrow, DI AWAY!!
    lol nope, keep Diing in I like free stocks.
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