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Queen Maryse
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  • Now I am going to classify the Smash Fighters by Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters monster types. :150:

    Mario - Pyro
    Donkey Kong - Beast
    Link - Warrior
    Samus/Dark Samus - Machine
    Yoshi - Dinosaur
    Kirby - Fairy
    Fox - Beast-Warrior
    Pikachu - Thunder
    Luigi - Pyro
    Ness - Psychic
    C. Falcon - Warrior
    Jigglypuff - Fairy
    Peach/Daisy - Spellcaster
    Bowser - Fiend
    Ice Climbers - Aqua
    Sheik - Warrior
    Zelda - Spellcaster
    Dr. Mario - Cyberse
    Pichu - Thunder
    Falco - Winged Beast
    Marth/Lucina - Warrior
    Young Link - Warrior
    Ganondorf - Fiend
    Mewtwo - Psychic
    Roy/Chrom - Warrior
    Mr. Game & Watch - Cyberse
    Meta Knight - Fiend
    Pit/Dark Pit - Fairy
    Zero Suit Samus - Warrior
    Wario - Fiend
    Snake - Machine
    Ike - Warrior
    Squirtle - Aqua
    Ivysaur - Plant
    Charizard - Dragon
    Diddy Kong - Beast
    Lucas - Psychic
    Sonic - Beast-Warrior
    King Dedede - Fairy
    Olimar - Plant
    Lucario - Psychic
    R.O.B. - Machine
    Toon Link - Warrior
    Wolf - Fiend
    Villager - Plant
    Mega Man - Rock
    Wii Fit Trainer - Warrior
    Rosalina & Luma - Spellcaster
    Little Mac - Warrior
    Greninja - Aqua
    Palutena - Fairy
    Pac-Man - Fairy
    Robin - Spellcaster
    Shulk - Warrior
    Bowser Jr. - Fiend
    Duck Hunt - Beast
    Mii Brawler - Warrior
    Mii Swordfighter - Warrior
    Mii Gunner - Machine
    Ryu/Ken - Pyro
    Cloud - Warrior
    Corrin - Warrior
    Bayonetta - Fiend
    Inkling - Aqua (yes, I know the irony in that Inklings do not like water)
    Ridley - Dragon
    Simon/Richter - Warrior
    King K. Rool - Sea Serpent
    Isabelle - Beast
    Incineroar - Pyro
    Piranha Plant - Plant
    Joker - Fiend
    Hero - Warrior
    Banjo & Kazooie - Beast
    Terry - Pyro
    Byleth - Spellcaster
    Min Min - Warrior
    Steve - Rock (his Zombie swatch would aptly be Zombie-type)
    Sephiroth - Cyberse
    Pyra - Pyro
    Mythra - Warrior
    Kazuya - Fiend
    Sora - Warrior
    Flying off the ramp over the lake on my girl :ultpeach:'s Royal Raceway + listening to music I grew up with in the 1970s equals me experiencing euphoria. The euphoria I described also happens when I reach the glider section of any tracks that have them. :150:
    If I could classify the Smash fighters according to the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters attributes... :150:

    EARTH - Donkey Kong, Samus, Yoshi, Fox, Ness, C. Falcon, Dr. Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Zero Suit Samus, Wario, Ivysaur, Diddy Kong, Lucas, Olimar, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Pac-MAN, Shulk, Duck Hunt, Ryu, Inkling, Isabelle, Piranha Plant, Banjo & Kazooie, Min Min, Steve
    FIRE - Mario, Luigi, Young Link, Roy/Chrom, Ike, Charizard, Ken, Ridley, Incineroar, Pyra, Terry
    WIND - Kirby, Jigglypuff, Sheik, Falco, Meta Knight, Sonic, King Dedede, Mega Man, Little Mac, Cloud
    WATER - Ice Climbers, Squirtle, Greninja, Corrin, King K. Rool
    LIGHT - Link, Pikachu, Peach/Daisy, Zelda, Pichu, Marth/Lucina, Pit, R.O.B., Toon Link, Rosalina & Luma, Palutena, Robin, Simon/Richter, Hero, Byleth, Mythra, Sora
    DARK - Dark Samus, Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Dark Pit, Lucario, Bowser Jr., Bayonetta, Joker, Sephiroth, Kazuya
    Chrissy Snow Fact #80 - Of the Scarlet and Violet starter Pokemon, the Sprigatito happens to be my favorite.

    Um...with that, I shall return here after a week. :lucina:

    Name: Chrissy
    Home Stage: Smashville/Town and City

    For the final episode of my mini-series, I am cosplaying as my secondary girl :ultisabelle:.

    Most of :ultgunner:'s moves look fine to me, but just a few moves I want to replace. The down smash and neutral aerial I would replace with :ultzss:'s. I am also going to take :ultmegaman:'s down-air. I could also borrow his up-air but considering how many characters can do down throw to up air, this might be a bit broken. So instead, his up-air will be my up-throw. While I am at it, I am taking :ultmewtwo:'s forward throw, too.

    My specials are good as is, though :ultzss:'s Paralyzer, or to make things a bit interesting, :ultpiranha:'s Poison Breath, make fine alternatives for my Neutral B. :kirby:

    That ends my mini-series. You can say "Thank God" now; you know you want to, lol. :lucina:

    Name: Chrissy
    Home Stage: Peach's Castle N64

    This episode, I am cosplaying WarioWare's Ashley! Time to replace some moves to better fit the theme. I am taking :ultpalutena:'s jab/rapid jab combo, up-smash, and neutral air. I want to use :ultrobin:'s tilts, f-smash, d-smash, as well as all of his/her aerials except n-air.

    Neutral B is replaced with Autoreticle. Side B I would replace with Explosive Flame. My up special and down special are good as is, though I would give myself the power to summon Banzai Bills and Amps for my Down B. :lucina:

    One more episode to go. :lucina:
    Source: https://screenrant.com/which-electric-type-pokemon-zodiac-sign/

    Aries - Raikou
    Taurus - Plusle
    Gemini - Pachirisu
    Cancer - Shinx
    Leo - Electivire
    Virgo - Blitzle
    Libra - Ampharos
    Scorpio - Pikachu
    Sagittarius - Zapdos
    Capricorn - Heliolisk
    Aquarius - Dedenne
    Pisces - Jolteon

    Since my zodiac sign is Virgo, that makes me Blitzel. My stepmother is Scorpio, so she would be :ultpikachu:. :lucina:
    Source: https://screenrant.com/mortal-kombat-characters-zodiac-signs/

    Aries - Sub-Zero
    Taurus - Jade
    Gemini - Kitana
    Cancer - Reptile
    Leo - Johnny Cage
    Virgo - Shang Tsung
    Libra - Liu Kang
    Scorpio - Scorpion
    Sagittarius - Cassie Cage
    Capricorn - Sonya Blade
    Aquarius - Raiden
    Pisces - Jax Briggs

    I am a Virgo, so that makes me Shang Tsung. I am not really a Mortal Kombat fan at all, but being the NPC shape-shifting sorcerer in the original Mortal Kombat sounds awesome to me. :lucina:
    Today marks the first anniversary of my new girls :ultpyra::ultmythra: being released onto Ultimate. Not to mention my step-grandmother celebrates her 84th birthday today. :lucina:

    Name: Chrissy
    Home Stage: Peach's Castle N64

    Now that I am dressed up as Viridi, what should my move set be? Oh, I know! I am going to take :ultpyra:'s tilts, smashes, and aerials and replace the flame effects on the moves that have it with darkness. I could use :ultmythra:'s moves but since Swordie is fairly slow in mobility, :ultpyra:'s moves fit better. Besides, she is my new girl next to my OG girls :ultpeach: and :ultdaisy:. Moving on...

    The Neutral B I gave myself works well but I feel like using Blazing End in its place (with darkness effect). The Side B I gave myself works fine. My up special I would gladly replace with Prominence Revolt, again, with a darkness effect. As for my down special, I want to replace it with :ultpyra:'s Flame Nova (yes, I would also replace the flame effect with darkness) and :ultmythra:'s Lightning Buster. Each time I use it, I switch between the two.

    I may of made myself a bit broken imagining my creations borrowing some moves from other fighters, but an old lady like myself gotta have some fun. :kirby:

    I have two more episodes after this. :kirby:

    Name: Chrissy
    Home Stage: Umbra Clock Tower

    It is me in my lovely business suit again, and I am proud of this one the most.

    For this one I made, I am going to use my imagination and replace all Smash attacks and aerials with :ultcloud:'s Smashes and aerials. As for throws, I want to replace the back-throw with :ulttoonlink:'s back throw.

    Specials...hmm...I am going to replace my Neutral B with Boomerang. No, not :ultlink:'s but the Super Mario one, except it does not get more powerful the more times you catch it. Instead it always does it maximum damage when thrown and returning. Maybe I would make the Shuriken of Light an alternate Side B. Other than that, the specials I gave myself are good as is. :kirby:
    I have decided to do a little mini-series. :shyguy:

    No, this is not based on a comical character from a sitcom that aired in the late 1970s, though it is one of my favorite TV shows. If I could make changes to the move set Fighter has been programmed with, it would be the following: I take on my girl :ultpeach:'s neutral attack, dash attack, down tilt, aerials (except f-air which is good as is), and throws. I would also have :ultwolf:'s side and up tilts and all his smashes.
    What if you could create your own Mario Kart Cup? It can comprise any course in the entire series or those custom tracks. :starman:

    Peach Circuit (GBA), Royal Raceway (N64), Peach Beach (GCN), Peach Gardens (DS)
    Daisy Cruiser (GCN), Daisy Circuit (Wii), Daisy Hills (3DS), Rosalina's Ice World (3DS)
    Ghost Valley 2 (SNES), Ghost Valley 3 (SNES), Wario Stadium (N64), Wario Colosseum (GCN)
    Rainbow Road (GCN), Rainbow Road (3DS), Rainbow Road (Wii), Rainbow Road (Wii U)
    I can understand how in Ultimate that certain Pokemon and Assist Trophies do not show up due to various reasons but what makes no sense to me is that Arceus can be summoned on stages where the bottom blast zone is nonexistent. :yoshi:
    Let the peace of Christ [the inner calm of one who walks daily with Him] be the controlling factor in your hearts [deciding and settling questions that arise]. To this peace indeed you were called as members in one body [of believers]. And be thankful [to God always]. --Colossians 3:15 (AMP) :yoshi:
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