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Queen Maryse
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  • This monday, maryse's rec room will be closed during spring and summer months. Thank goodness, for mario kart 8 and especially mario party have got me burned out. Time to give that **** a rest.

    I would also normally be inactive on this site around this time, but time to do a little something different and make occasional off-season appearances. Both the profile post gang and social thread gang are enjoyable and pleasurable to be around.

    My arcade will re-open on September 23 at 2:50 am EDT. :150:
    Okay, this past Monday I attended poll worker training before I have to work at a special election. Right before our class ended, we had a little review and we did it jeopardy-style. However, I noticed that it does not quite follow the rules where one gives an answer in the form of a question.

    Anyway... one of the questions was "What does OP stand for?" It stands for "out of precinct" but tbh I was fighting the urge to answer "over-powered". :150:
    A little story I want to share today. :kirby:
    My "grandmother" turns 85 today. She is not my real grandmother but I have known her and her extensive immediate family since circa 1968. I had family that lived a few blocks up the hill from them at that time even though I moved to Atlanta in early 1964.

    It was around July 1990 when one of her daughters was going to have a son. I lost my whole family to complications a few years before then, but they finally decided to take me in and I have been living with them since.

    My "grandmother" had quite a number of children. She had several daughters--one born in 1957 but passed away in 2003, another born late 1959 but passed away in 2020, one born in late 1958 and still with us today, another born in 1961 but five months older than I am, another in spring of 1963, another in late 1964 (this particular one is my "mom"), and had a son in spring of 1971.

    She married a war veteran and he quite a handyman. He was born 1939 and passed away in 2015. Since then she lived alone and even experienced a break-in. Praise God she made it out of that **** alive. One of her grandsons (1996-present) has been tending to her, especially as his father (circa 1953-2023) passed away about a month ago. Similar to me, he is without an immediate family.

    In more recent years, her house has grown mold in the cellar and she is still living in it despite her daughters' pleas to get the house renovated. She visited me past summer and she has recently returned to Georgia, staying with her now-eldest daughter. Today, they are going to celebrate with dinner at Red Lobster. Me, I ain't going, not with my awful social anxiety. Besides, if you had it once, you had it your whole life.

    Here is hoping she lives another 15-20 years. To put things in perspective, one woman near where I stay was born in 1909 and she celebrated her birthday about a month and a half ago!

    ...and happy second anniversary to my new girls :ultpyra::ultmythra: actually showing up on Ultimate's CSS. :kirby:
    ひとつ - It amuses me that in Giant Melee on the Temple a LV9 CPU :bowsermelee: get stuck in the bottom part. It happens with :dkmelee:, too.
    ふたつ - Yay! Unlocked :ultdk: in Super Mario Party yesterday night!
    みっつ - Maryse Fact #97 - On the victory screen for the Final Countdown mini-game, I like to form prime numbers out of the numbers showing (across, vertically, diagonally).
    そしてよっつ - Maryse Fact #98 - About the 150cc engine class...I never use it Mario Kart 64, rarely in Double Dash, but fairly often in Wii and 8 Deluxe.

    So tonight I think about the Generation I Pokémon in Ultimate that can come out of Pokéballs. It got me wondering...how would some of them be implemented in N64 Smash? In my opinion, :037:, :101: (even if it is already a stage element), :133:, ****, even :146: could be managed. :lucina:
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    What Pokémon were you possibly trying to name that got censored
    Honestly, I would love to see a take on an Electrode moveset, seems like it could be really fun

    Also, just gonna try and figure out which one it was by typing every single Gen I Pokemon's name with only four letters. Those are Abra , Seel, Onix and Jynx. (Depending on which gets censored, you might be able to use the emojis to figure out who it is!) :063::086::095::124:

    okay so, update. what

    UPDATE 2: i think we were looking at this wrong, **** isn't a Pokémon, it's the f-word, as in "****, even moltres could be managed" i think i am have stupid
    Looks like counting Bob-ombs is officially dead. No matter; there is still The Daily Adventures of Profile Post Gang...and lurking in the Social Thread. :150:
    Maryse Fact #96 - While her current design is cool with me, I prefer :ultdaisy:'s character design from all the way back in circa 2000. While :peachmelee: had this outfit in Melee (yes, this is my favorite color to use with my girl aside from her green one), this should of been carried over to one of :ultdaisy:'s color swatches. :150:
    ひとつ - Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!
    ふたつ - I finally decided to get this damn Booster Course Pass and am quite impressed with the tracks thus far. Once all waves are revealed, I may show a table of my favorite tracks, which I dub the Maryse Cup. :150:
    So, I play a little Brawl this evening and may of found an anomaly of sorts. For some goddamn reason, an Unira will not do damage when :bowser2: throws it with down tilt or down smash throws while standing on the ground. Its windboxes still work, though. Upon closer inspection, the Unira seemed to be slightly to the foreground or background of the stage on the z-axis. :kirby:
    Here are some idle poses, taunts, and victory poses I fantasized my current PFP doing. :kirby:

    Idle poses - 1) Similar to :ultryu::ultken:, I adjust my gloves (the ones that Asuka wears in Tekken 7, that is). 2) Just like :ultpeach:, I brush something off of my kimono.

    Up taunt - Says "A miscalculation, perhaps?" Based on Sophitia's taunt in Soulcalibur VI.
    Side taunt - Tucks her dark blonde hair behind one ear and briefly giggles. Based on one of Alisa's taunts in Tekken 6.
    Down taunt - Sighs and says, "You look weak." Based on Amy's taunt in Soulcalibur VI.

    Left - "I too, can not afford to lose..." This is based on Sophitia's Critical Edge after it KOs the enemy.
    Up - I straighten my kimono and says, "Hoo... what a cinch!" Derived from one of Seong Mi-na's win poses in Soulcalibur II. The exact quote comes from Soulcalibur VI.
    Right - I flip my hair back like :ultdaisy: in Mario Party 8 when she gets a star or wins a minigame. I say "Why fight me, if losing is all that you can do?" Based on one of Siegfried's quotes in Soulcalibur V.

    Victory theme - A Laurel Crown ~ Victory (Soulcalibur VI)
    One of these days, I should post some Soulcalibur Create-a-Souls of myself. But until then... :kirby:

    I never opened any of my amiibos...until this afternoon. After getting a good look at the racing suits you can unlock with amiibo, it was high time for me to put a couple of my amiibo to good use. I admit I look hot in my girls' racing suits.

    I made this one of myself in more recent weeks. It was inspired by me messing around as Haohmaru every once in a while in Soulcalibur VI. Besides, I look hot in hakama. The only thing I would change about my outfit is the color of my hakama. Instead of white, it should be scarlet...or black works. And a nice pair of fingerless gloves like Asuka has in Tekken 7 to finish the ensemble.
    Dateline: Tonight, 2100 hours. Collected 500 unique spirits!

    Speaking of Spirits, I am of the opinion that :151: should leave behind a Spirit when summoned. And inasmuch as it is an incredibly rare Pokemon, the Spirit it would leave behind would most likely be a Legend Spirit. It could still drop a Novice/Advanced/Ace Spirit every now an then, though. :lucina:
    Maryse Fact #94 - Here are the mini-games I like to make interesting by not looking at the screen. :lucina:

    Curtain Call, Three Door Monty, Butterfly Blitz, Darts of Doom, Lucky Lineup, Memory Lane, Strawberry Shortfuse, O-Zone, Goomba Village, Plunder Ground, Fungi Frenzy, Pizza Me Mario, Chain Chomp Romp, Shy Guy Shuffle, Cheep Cheep Leap, Bob-omb Combo, Lost in the Shuffle, Drop Quiz
    Mario Party Superstars, good time though I am having with it currently, could of brought back Duel Mode...minus those unpopular Game Guy spaces, of course. Now, this is a crude list of Duel partners, some of them replacing old ones. :lucina:
    Koopa Troopa - 1 ATK/2 HP/1 coin salary
    -:ultmario:'s default partner.

    Goomba - 2 ATK/1 HP/2 coin salary
    -:ultluigi:'s default partner.

    Toadette - 1 ATK/1 HP/1 coin salary
    -If a player lands on an opponent's Basic Space, no coins are lost. My girl :ultpeach:'s new partner.

    Bob-omb - 1 ATK/1 HP/3 coin salary
    -Jumps over an opponent's partner and attacks them directly; disappears after only 1 attack, since it explodes. :ultwario:'s default partner.

    Boo - 2/1 HP/3 coin salary
    If attacked, will counter-attack for equal damage before disappearing. Will not attack back if hit by a Chain Chomp in its multi-attack if it is not directly in front of the attacking Chain Chomp

    . :ultyoshi:'s default partner.

    Whomp - 0 ATK/4 HP/3 coin salary
    -Unable to attack since he has zero attack. :ultdk:'s default partner.

    Snifit - 2 ATK/2 HP/5 coin salary
    -Can sometimes give the player two to four coins at the start of a turn. Birdo's default partner.

    Piranha Plant - 3 ATK/1 HP/5 coin salary
    -Can sometimes offer extra dice. These dice allow the player to move up to 3 more spaces. My girl :ultdaisy:'s new default partner.

    Chain Chomp - 1 ATK/2 HP/6 coin salary
    -Attacks opponent and all partners simultaneously.

    Spike Top - 1 ATK/3 HP/2 coin salary
    -No unique abilities

    Grrrol - 0 ATK/3 HP/4 coin salary
    -Although it has zero attack, it can attack partners and defeats them instantly; but does nothing to the opposing player.

    Walleye - 0 ATK/4 HP/3 coin salary
    -Unable to attack since he has zero attack.

    Broozer - 3 ATK/1 HP/5 coin salary
    -Waluigi's default partner.

    Huckit Crab - 1 ATK/3 HP/2 coin salary
    -Attacks the opponent farthest away from him. My girl :ultrosalina:'s default partner.

    Bowser Jr. - 2 ATK/2 HP/5 coin salary
    Sometimes uses his Clown Cannon and does double damage. The probability of this event is 33⅓%.
    Sa... what will be my first profile post of the new year? :yoshi:
    I picked this up before Christmas, but waited to play it right as the new year started. Right now, I enjoy the selection of characters here. I finally played all the boards, and Kamek's Tantalizing Tower was quite a blast to play on. It could of used another board or two, though.

    Though I have yet to play them all, the mini-games here have potential because most of them are awesome. However, the motion controls are a bit tricky and will take getting used to. For that reason, I am probably never going to touch Challenge Road. Guess I am going to miss out on :ultdiddy: and Pom Pom, and besides, my girls :ultpeach::ultdaisy::ultrosalina: have Dice Blocks with minimal risk.

    River Survival seems easy to manage, so I may try that later.

    Partner Party I plan on playing later. Sound Stage I really do not give the-square-root-of-two ****s for as I ain't great at rhythm. Did I mention Challenge Road can go **** itself? I am just here for the multiplayer aspects.

    Final Rating: 8.5 outta 10
    I picked this up after Thanksgiving, but waited to play it when this new year started. I just love that, despite mostly average to a bit above-average reception, Mario Party has come so far.

    I liked how new-school these boards looked, just like how they took the old-school Mario Kart tracks and modernized them in Mario Kart 8. The mini-game packs they have is a good touch. I will always pick the Gamecube mini-game pack since I've been playing the Gamecube Mario Party games for the longest time, especially Mario Party 6.

    I also like how you can get stickers and make a collage with them. I am still collecting stickers in Brawl and making collages with them.

    About the only gripe I have is that it could of used another board or two. Waluigi's Island and Bowser Land are my personal picks.

    Final Rating: 8 outta 10
    What else to say? Oh, I know! Two more Maryse Facts this afternoon. :150:

    Maryse Fact #92 - I love to shop at my friendly neighborhood H-Mart. So many Asian delicacies to try; I particularly love the seasoned squid, seasoned octopus, seasoned pan-fried shrimp, seasoned file fish, just to name a few. Did I mention I gravitate towards groceries imported from Japan? Of course, I am willing to try Korean.
    Maryse Fact #93 - This is my favorite commercial I have ever watched.

    And yes, I even attempted to do this dance back then.
    What is on my mind today? :150:
    ひとつ - I learned about the history of the candy cane this past Christmas. The white represents Jesus Christ, and the red striations represents the blood he shed to wash away our sins. So now I will never look at the white-and-red color scheme the same way again. As I speak these words, I think about the flag of Japan like this even if Christianity is not a big thing in Japan.
    ふたつ - I just love how in Mario Party 3's Mario's Puzzle Party, a player can win by doing absolutely nothing.
    みっつ - I had a dream where Mario Kart 8 Deluxe added three characters as DLC: :ultfalcon:, :ultkirby:, and the most WTF addition (to me anyways), my girl Asuka Kazama from Tekken series. She was also able to race in her school uniform. Oh, how I envisioned her racing on the City Tripper on Royal Raceway (N64).
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