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  • You beat Zero in Melee? Good shiz.

    Lol now I know why I lost, I didn't have all of the Catfish with me.
    Darn it...

    I told you to friendly as many people as possible so that you could get more support for a higher PR placing.

    Seriously though, I really am upset when I don't see people using G&W right. I don't find it fair that my favorite character isn't being used the way he should be. You're losing to one of G&W's easier matchups. Not good at all.

    I'm probably busy this weekend, but I added you on AIM. Weekend after that is probably good for me though as that is when winter break starts.
    Your G&W is so bad it makes me cry.

    I'm so upset at seeing such a bad G&W player that I challenge you to some wifi friendlies just so I can **** the **** out of you so that you can see what a good G&W is capable of. By the way, I do not want G&W dittos. G&W dittos suck. I'd prefer you use a different character on me. If you use G&W though, please don't D-throw D-smash. It's ******** online.
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