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  • Yo my number is 803 235 8650

    And just text me or something about playing because I might be in University area or maybe we can even hit ali up because hes back in town.
    Isn't Ptown a gay town in Massachusetes?
    Yo, are you goin to HERB 2? Can I throw some gas money your way and tag along? If not, do you know of anyone else who can help me out?
    I see.

    Well, if you have it worked out, then we just need to get in touch with people.

    Who's place are we going to, and do they have an account here?
    Why don't you like your place?

    That's ok with me anyway. Are weekends or weekdays better for you? We should get together really soon. After June 2nd especially since I'll be done going to school by then.
    Where would you wanna meet up to smash? Ali is gone, so we could meet at:

    1. Black Dolphin's place in Dallas.
    2. Your place.
    3. Munkey's?
    4. Other

    What do you think?
    Following your analogy, I don't have much "territory" to keep hold of, so the "territory" I have I cherish.

    Besides, this site is what gives me motivation when I can't se you guys for a month and ah half. No one around me is like the awesome community here. I guess you could say I'm accustomed to things being more of the "better" way now, but I don't care. I care deeply about all of the bros I've met and this is part of the way I can repay them for liking me for who I am and having fun with me.
    Hey, just finished cutting the videos from yesterday. Unfortunately there weren't any with you in them. Sorry man : /
    Gooood shiz goin to Judgment man. Ali told me a little bit about it, and I'm glad to hear it.
    Hey bro, I went and saw ali today. We wanted to see you too...

    I guess you really quit then? That's too bad, you're really good bro.
    Hey man, could you check out Kack's thread and tell me what you wanna do? Things are soo messed up right now lol.
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