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Recent content by psykotikone

  1. psykotikone

    DI or Die 3: Heartbreaker - February 15, 2014 - Oak Grove, MO

    Well...the shop TECHNICALLY closes at Midnight, yes. However, to accommodate events and whatnot...Well, that's a lie too. The shop is rarely ever closed at Midnight. The shop closes when activity has died down. Sometimes that's at Midnight, sure. Most of the time, it's well past 3am. The shop...
  2. psykotikone

    DI or Die 2: The Sequel

    Yeah, I'll have to see about joining you guys at least some Fridays so that I can train a little better. I pretty much get practice against Xanto and then an old school Melee player who can never come to the tournaments. The main problem is I'm already using a ton of gas getting to OG from...
  3. psykotikone

    DI or Die 2: The Sequel

    Damn, our sole Lucario player Pyro continues to impress me. Weirdly, watching the man play, I don't think he's got a single decisive victory in any of his games. He seems to always play to his opponent's level. Which could be a trait of Lucario's, I'm not exactly sure. Regardless, he's doing...
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