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  • lol this lag is atrocious
    it's actually why I was losing to Mampm, facing a tilt spammy snake in lag is basically impossible lol
    taigacan doesnt look like an account on aib or swf/jinx is listed as CFL but i left him a msg on that ****ty aib site
    lol of course

    matt just bought us new white controllers then after being pwned by him a million times in one day i "quit brawl" forever.... well im trying to make a triumphant comeback... sorta in between characters now D: getting pretty nasty with IC n ness.... lol
    Yeah that's true, you're a Falco so timing is basically everything for you.

    Stilll though no reason to quit Online, just play it casually lol. Online is basically my only source of playing so it's all I got
    Really, that's gay lol man. Online doesn't affect my game at all, hell I think Online Players play even better. I mean just look at Ally and Anther. I think that since Online is slower you take less risks so you learn to play more carefully and get punished less.

    But your choice, you're lucky you got Offline people to play with, every offline player I know is terrible lol

    Srsly its been ages man, I think the last time I faced your MK was in like May
    Hey Halberd, oh man you did some brutal things to me in our few friendlies, but overall it was fun. Hooray on you having a digital, maybe I can ask ya to help me get some videos up since I do not have a camera of my own =(

    GGs on Sunday, way too good! Can't wait to see you at the league.
    So, incase you were wondering: I was the Falco player that won the Loser's Brackets at the tourney. I was also the only one with a camera, but ran out of memory after about 5-6 matches..... :/

    If you ever see the "Top 8" picture in that store, you'll see me crouching at the bottom right. :)

    Also, I'm going to participate in the Tampa Brawl league in October.
    yo are you the guy at the PnT tourney today that wore the red sleeveless shirt..? i forget your name. we played some falco ditto's after the tournament.
    Hm, I hope you can get some good practice without the use of Wifi. Wifi is actually all I really have because my friends are sadly no challenge. xD (that's kinda harsh, but true)

    Well, I'll see you there bro. Best of luck to you.

    P.S: I'll most likely be playing Falco in the tourney.
    Hey there. I've heard that you'll be attending the Play n Trade tourney Sunday! So am I, so i'm looking to get some good practice before the day of the tourney. I'm on SWFF(friend finder) daily, so if you see me, please do challenge me. We live in the same city, so I don't see why not. ^_^

    P.S: I play a mean Falco/Marth/Snake/C.Falcon, so perhaps some dittoes are in order.....
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