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  • I dont run anything, but i can teach the same teachings. Teaching the what needs to be taught has nothing to do with brawl, i could be ******** terrible now, and get last the next 10 tournaments, and i could still teach you the final lessons.
    What no one said you were the bad guy, at all. Not sure how im the bad guy (is that a joke)?
    And BESIDES seibrik, i alot of people all agreed on the same thing. But thats irrelevant now, you have yet to achieve your true power. THE TRUE REDHAL but you are stopping yourself.
    Your ranking in florida (or what you think your ranking in FL is), has nothing to do with this. From what i read/comprehend, and from what people tell me, you still act the same way as you did in Dec2009. It is okay i take no pleasure in this.
    You think im insulting you but im not, if you are a apprentice of chops it means you have the mind the dojo of chops is just a means to the end, end being THE TOP PLAYER, you are a top player now but you could be much better you just must see the light but your cockyness is blocking the way much like im sure it is for co18 as well but i havent talked to him yet. You have not yet even begun your TRUE ascent into top playerdom. But now you are going through the same stage even the great AFRO went through, and the only answer IS TO BE HUMBLED as i was. It is sad but it must be done.
    Gah. Screw that.. Hopefully you'll be able to do more tournaments later on in the summer at least. :(
    U ARE Fing EVIL DUDE!!! I was watching the Dubz vid of U n Mampam fightin the Ohio guyz and it CUT OFF!!!! U AZZHOLE!!!! LMAO!!! But yeah, upload more vids! I wanna see U guys **** Ohio moar! N I'm a try to have TX come to my tourney on May 8th. I kno AL and GA are comin. I won't b about to get NC tho cuz of Hobo :-/
    lol i'll start doing it sometime...i used to only post there to trash talk Co...but that phase is over...

    i need to find someone new to troll...
    Hey, where are you housing at for MLG?

    I already bought my pass and plane ticket; just need a place to stay Sat/Sun night.
    You have the the results to show for it. If some of the others that apply get in, yet have no tourney results to show for it, then it's dumb imo.

    were you able to finish registration for MLG with the team builder thingy. it says that i need to do that to be registered but its down for me, and i don't wanna miss out
    cool lol

    I needa find a good teammate when I get down there for when your with Hrnut lol

    maybe CO idk
    dang lol

    I know how that is its like driving to Nova from Sova

    at least the talent isnt that spread out tho like all tops on one side ya know.

    Red and Kadaj on teams sounds kinda **** lol jk

    gonna be mad fun I cant wait
    lol Im so down with that as long as I can get a ride and have time to do so :)

    FL is a strong state for smash lets get it lol
    Naw :(

    I'll be going to Full Sail

    idk how far that is from UCF but I know CO lives about 10 mins from the school
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