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  • Oh man I just noticed that you yourself posted that. I thought someone else had made it.

    Wombo Combo spoofs are too good.
    read your thread about dropping snake. The only counter argument for it is if you feel he really will be banned then all the time you put into MK will be for nothing.
    Glad to know you're the 2nd good player i've seen who feels the same way about snake that I do, I just read your thread you made about dropping snake. I also talked with hunger about it at a tourney saturday.

    Spread the knowledge!
    im super late in saying this, and probly not original at all... im too lazy to look if anyone else said it but

    Ah, man idk, I don't like M.Night's work for the most part. Like the special effects look really bad ***, but I don't like a lot of the actors, and the changes they made
    I feel you I was kinda like that in high school. cocky really.

    Im sorry I said for someone who barely plays I meant period. Im actualy so cofident in you I think you could get top 5 here in sfl depending on how well you know certain match ups. Some of your brawl skill is carrying over.

    One thing I did notice was you playing smart(easily can be seen in both melee and brawl). You did good avoiding bad postions and $hit. I wouldnt wanna dare live in tampa. I love miami 305 son <.<

    Your brother doesnt play?
    Your gonna go to school in sfl?

    Or is it a parent issue? Rolf im a grown a$$ man I do what I want

    Seriuosly though your sheik is pretty good. I saw you beat dogy a couple of times and full metal too. For someone who barely plays your pretty good
    Hmm im still kinda awed that your black <.<.

    Ok first lesson always play your main!

    I mean always. Do you come to the zp brawl tourneys down here?
    Me and seibrik are thinking off doing a joint thing melee/brawl. Tampa should come :)
    i played good and dehf told me hw to beat hardest match was omni game 5 losers finals hes to smart............but this is not good enough i needa keep winning
    cool man...........i understand you just have to see me coming down anyway and watch you will respect me lol
    you might be the only good player in the backroom that's actually good.
    I'll try to find out. Also, Kryz got DQ'ed because they told him his match was a different time against sky, so he didn't lose to him.
    I would be giving Gnes updates but I was banned from the xat XD. Gnes > Quivo moving on to round 4.
    me and you could run candy beat you at mlg wtf i thought you were better
    this summer i would be doing way bettter but i went to military school since september and came back for weeks ago..................but the usual brawl group is me deez boss boss chu candy esoj and you know wherre brandon mall is.............i got beat ice climbers with falco ima just go mk like i wanted to
    yea im lie look look st the reults thread tommorrow..............i beat korn boss atomosk judt to lose to meep
    Thanks i'm just really bad at playing safe and I tend to mess up with sds. Working on it though. Hopefully i can do something about it next saturday at this tournament XD.
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