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    Don't expect a lot of big named characters for the Challengers Pack. They're going to mostly contain "niche" characters.

    I assume this post is based on the pattern recognition and theorizing that definitely always 100% without question turns out to be right.
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    Challenger Pack 5 can now be pre-purchased from the eShop

    There's also the fact of it being the first presentation of the new year – presumably you want to set your consumer base up for a year of excitement and speculation, rather than opening with the kind of announcement that signals the game's "winding down", so to speak.
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    Challenger Pack 5 can now be pre-purchased from the eShop

    They've only mentioned that more fighter DLC is coming after this one once. I imagine they'll need some eye-catching way to remind/assure casual fans, potential purchasers, and people that weren't blown away by Pass #1 that more is coming. I wouldn't be surprised if they hint at more than just...
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    If they keep the same irreverent Mother-style humor they just have to have a nod to the rebrand in the game.
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    Stop complaining about pk fire.

    My suspicion is that a lot of the complaints about PK fire spam actually come from the fact that Ness announces it every time its performed. If Wario shouted "NEUTRAL AIR", I'm sure he'd be the basis for more complaints too. Come to think of it, Pikachu's neutral-b can be infuriating for this...
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    Characters that Need Buffs and Fixes

    Samus ideally needs a moveset overhaul. Otherwise they need to stop being so trepidatious with her. An up-smash that reliably connects all hits, larger sweetspot on f-smash, and a d-smash that KOs earlier than 200% would not be overpowered. The non-functional grab 2 is just obscure.
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    The First Party general support thread

    I mean, I didn’t say they couldn’t. I referenced a general trend, and there are obviously gradations. Link and Marth are anime-styled, but their primary visual archetype would be ‘knight’, as opposed to, say, Danganronpa teenager x. Ryu is a fairly plain brawler, but is iconic in his posture and...
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    The First Party general support thread

    Porky Ganon Dark Matter Chorus Kids Mach Rider Various Pokemon (my preference is for another tag-team trainer using as-of-yet unseen Pokemon types, like Cynthia) I support first parties generally because 'Nintendo character' is essentially a shortcut for 'well-designed'. I love fighters with...
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    This is great. There really is a Biblical-style moral dichotomy running through the Mother series. The embrace of the end of childhood, defeat & internalization of your dark side, and faith in love are set against their opposites: running from life, letting your dark side take over, and faith in...
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    Both Pigma and the Cubivore Pig are available as spirits, so this is of course the sensible analysis. That won't stop this theory never dying, however.
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    What’s the silliest Smash argument you’ve heard? - Read OP

    To be fair, they shouldn't be compared because they've never been officially acquainted. The disappoint with “clones” comes from expecting wholly different characters. There’s no such expectation with echos, though I do wish Sakurai was more consistent in his approach. As a big Metroid buff for...
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    Rate That Render! (Now Rating: #49 Little Mac)

    :4littlemac: Little Mac doesn’t strike me as the kind of character that would deliver a punch with real weight for the "camera", so to speak – so, weirdly, this mild pose is accurate. That doesn’t stop it being boring however. 6/10 :ultlittlemac: Love how practical this is. Leg muscles are...
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    I also thought it would be neat for the single player bosses to take the form of villains of the original Smash cast (I mean, Galleom? Really?), though I suppose then we’d have Porky as a boss again and this thread wouldn’t exist. A Black Shadow echo with Ganondorf's moves and a totally...