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    I think I enjoyed the speculation phase more than I do the game itself; I must be getting old...

    Have definitely felt similar things. I think the speculation taps into that playground gossip part of the brain that gets you being a child again. My heart races for a good elite battle, but it's over in five minutes. Speculation about Ridley kept the fanboy synapses firing for years.
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    Hulk should get ahold of the power or mind stones, becoming either World War or Professor Hulk...

    Hulk should get ahold of the power or mind stones, becoming either World War or Professor Hulk. Either way they can chalk it up to thrive stone allowing him to tap into his true potential or break barrier x, etc.
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    Social Disciples of Dark Samus

    Any tips/controller layouts for reliably pulling off wavebounce charge shot? My issue seems to be that I reliably pull off a turnaround b (i.e., avoid inputting side special) by letting go of the left stick after flicking, but I struggle to move my thumb back to the centre of the stick in time...
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    Social Disciples of Dark Samus

    Short of the laugh, it would be difficult to translate Dark Samus's actual sounds to the 8-bit aesthetic without them sounding like miscellaneous 'monster' noises. Alternates could be the sound that plays on entering hypermode, or a snippet of the classic metroid theme, similar to how it plays...
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    Update 3.0

    It certainly looked like Stage Builder to me, with the yellow box on the left being one selection of many options. If this is the case I hope there's some Mario Maker inspo—improved online stage sharing with community voting features. Would love to see people making creative minigames.
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    Bombs... :/

    Brass tax is that Samus is almost universally regarded as mid-tier, and has also had little in the way updates despite the oft-cited facts of her playstyle barely resembling her games, and new tools for characters like Link, Ganondorf, Pikachu, etc. This means she's a fine candidate for changes...
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    Samus' playstyle has shifted

    This is on point—backward wavebounce charging is huge. Hug the stage with it to cover mid–low recoveries with the threat of the shot, jump cancel into walls of f-airs.
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    Bombs... :/

    This is all spot-on, and truest at ledge, imo. Follow up a ledge jump bomb with charge shot, missile, fair, or just regrab ledge and pop back up with zair or fair. Condition rolls, and adapt with grabs. @KayJay has some great examples of this in their videos:
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    Social Lower Norfair

    Don't forget that before release people were speculating that Chrom was a "joke character" because he has no horizontal recovery. Early character speculation is generally a mess that's best avoided, "pro" or not. Learning curve my dude. How about not thinking of it as defensive, but more...
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    Know Your Moves Returns in a Big Way

    So many of these essay-type videos just go through the motions until they hit the obligatory makes you feel like x/it represents us, the players!/sentimental Sakurai shtick. Especially obvious when dealing with a series with limited lore like Metroid, as they have to become wiki scholars to back...
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    Social Lower Norfair

    This is telling. I’ve actually been trying to remember this when practicing with him. He’s an alien with distinctly non-human biology, and Sakurai didn’t gloss over this fact when designing him. I think a lot of the initial Ridley detractors were expecting his movement to be as...
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    Redesigning/Rebalancing Ganondorf

    Really like this idea. Would be brutal to spike offstage with the trident tip.
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    Best taunts

    That thumbs up is definitely the most aggravating taunt. I wish Samus or ZSS had a thumbs down to compliment it.
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    Redesigning/Rebalancing Ganondorf

    Hoping for a float and non-gimmicky deadman's volley.
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    Alt costumes that should have been included

    :ultbowser: Dry Bones :ultdk: Champion (Boxing), assuming it wouldn't mess with animations too much :ultganondorf: Phantom, make the other alts generally more vibrant, especially the blue Pig Ganon one :ultkrool: Baron, Kaptain :ultlink: Pink hair :ultlucas:Please take the t-shirt sprite off of...