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Recent content by pokemongeof

  1. pokemongeof

    Harrisonburg VA Scene

    Hey guys, been a really long time since I have been on here! I mean on smashboards. used to live in North NJ, just moved like 5 min from Harrisonburg. Need a place to Smash! Where can i find a place to play Melee, P:M, etc?
  2. pokemongeof

    Shotokan Dojo - Ryu Social Thread

    Pure White (I think from his Alpha costume) or Blue. I'm going to be using blue probably.
  3. pokemongeof

    Shotokan Dojo - Ryu Social Thread

    I like Ryu's Smash Voice. A lot actually. Its not bad, just I don't see it (and I still play Ultra Street Fighter 4!)
  4. pokemongeof

    Shotokan Dojo - Ryu Social Thread

    I still love smash, but this just takes the cake. Who do i main; Luigi, Robin, or Ryu? I've played Ultra Street Fighter 4 Competitively, so I think I've got a little edge. His new tilt and combo mechanics are soooo cool!
  5. pokemongeof

    APEX Staff Releases Statement Regarding Alex Strife Controversy

    I did not know this kind of thing would happen! I've known Alex ever since I got into the community, and he was so kind to me! I saw him across the years, and I've grown fond of him. Can't believe something like this would happen! Well, I guess I really did not know him on the inside.
  6. pokemongeof

    What is Luigi's hardest match-up in the Top 8?

    Marth and Shiek I find diificult
  7. pokemongeof

    Luigi General/Social

    Great to know. Luchiete Kills was a great combo video!
  8. pokemongeof

    Luigi General/Social

    Yeah I'm doing that too much. I don't think I am qualified to work on it yet. Well maybe, with some help. I do agree, Luigi has been getting more popular and formidable! Where are u at Luigis?
  9. pokemongeof

    Luigi General/Social

    Seems we have been getting quite a bit more recognition ey.. I think its time that we get a new producer for the Year of Luigi Combo Video
  10. pokemongeof

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    No one ever answers lol. BTW <3 them textures
  11. pokemongeof

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    I know this is irrevelent, but i need some help. I've been trying to identify this song for 2 years! Can someone please help? I would greatly appreciate it! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzuydLXfy-E I could not find the original song so I uploaded it myself. I got it from...
  12. pokemongeof

    The "Year of Luigi" combo video collaboration thread

    Maybe someone else should work on this combo video.... Unless we get an update. Geez its way past the Year of Luigi!
  13. pokemongeof

    Abate doing work at TBH4

    Man Eddy Mexico at SSS, Abate at TBH4, whats next? I believe it should be the Year of Luigi combo Video. We need someone else to make that. Seems like Papapaint has forgotten about it.
  14. pokemongeof

    Dude. Its been way too long. Any progress?

    Dude. Its been way too long. Any progress?
  15. pokemongeof

    New Luigi Combo Video- Luichete Kills- By Eddy Mexico

    Eddy Mexico just released a new combo video, and I'll tell you! It is amazing!! GO check it out and spread the Luigi Love. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4WpX4Jhh7M Speaking of combo videos, wheres the Year of Luigi Combo Video, where we all get the spotlight?
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