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  • A friend of mine on discord got really angry the other day. I said a relatively small insult and he f***ing EXPLODED. Started saying stuff like the time I "embarassed" him with a bad joke he couldn't understand (no one said a word nor mentioned it again) the time I said he should be careful outside (he got really ticked off about that, what's the issue with one minor thing, it's like saying have a good day or something) etc. Started going on and on about how we didn't treat him properly, why he really shouldve committed suicide, why people always joked around when he talked about serious stuff, why people always responded to him in the channel where you tell about real life things and get help for, etc. Literally kicked me out of the alliance we were in in a camp (something I won't explain rn) and I'm pretty certain he removed me from his friends list, then told me to stop talking to him. It got worse, as one guy came in talking about how he should stop helping the friend because of his outbursts whenever people responded to his messages (things like this happen a lot, just less... worse, let's just say.) and the fact he pushed everyone who tried to help his irl problems away. He blew up yet again, even worse, and another friend tried to calm him down. He then started talking about how we didn't understand what he was going through (his dad caught covid-19 a couple weeks back, his school life was not going well, and a few other things) and then brought up the fact that it was about something he didn't tell us that was making him so on edge. I was thinking "Dude, how are we meant to understand you if you don't tell us?"
    That was a small fraction of what happened, but I don't really know what I should do about this. I missed a good amount of the conversation cause I got my ohone taken away, so.... um... any tips or anything on what to do?
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    I'll try to see what I can do but I don't want to make him angrier.
    Focus on patching things up with him first by apologizing and then let him know you have an ear if he wants someone to listen once you've gotten back into his good graces. There's a bit of an order to repairing a relationship. It's ok to back off if he's resistant to telling you what's up. The important thing is to not get too angry with him because if there is legitimately something wrong then sometimes people push away any help and people close to them.
    Alright. I'll try.
    I think Moe and Blaire are doing some.... stuff together in my Animal Crossing Village, judging by their letters.
    Here to celebrate my one year anniversery of being on smashboards. How time flies.
    Dead men tell no tales was just... I dont know how to put it. The beginning and end were the only good bits. The rest of the movie all I was feeling was a mix of anger and boredom. And the surprise reveal that the main girl was actually Barbossas daughter was pretty... boring. Nothing was hinting at this beforehand and it feels like the writers pulling stuff out of their a**. On top of that Murdock and Mull thingy as well as Irving the midget appear despite being stuck on the pearl, yeah sure the pearl is ressurected, but even then Pintel, Raggeti, and Cotton don't reappear, and I could go on. The only shocking parts of the film was main character death which I won't spoil and the post credit's scene. This franchise needs to try better. I'm just laughing Orlando Bloom and Keira Kinghtley got paid for being on screen a couple minutes.
    On Stranger Tides was a pale imitation of old Pirates of the Carribean films and steaming dogs*** in most parts of the film.
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    I still thought On Stranger Tides was better than Dead Man Tell No Tells though.
    I'm watching that tonight, I'll say what I think.
    Been watching Pirates of the Carribean.
    Also I've had Sacred Stones for 5 days and I'm like halfway through even though most of that was grinding my units. Not that grinding units helps much, Seth just kills everything.
    I am mad beyond words. Just spent an hour on Sacred Stones and now Ephraim died so I have to redo two of the most painful levels I've ever played.
    Don't you just hate it when you spent an hour and Franz dies to the last enemy on the map and you have to restart.
    Yeah I hate it.
    Just figured out how emulators work and have started playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. I can't wait to do more afterwards, like try to get 100% on Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. (Damn you broken cartridge that was 99% complete. Damn you.)
    Man have I had a week
    Finished One Punch Man Season 1 and am working on 2
    Started watching Pirates of the Carribean. The entire franchise.
    Started reading Lord of the Rings
    Got some cool ideas for stuff via my dreams.
    Started playing Metroid Prime Pinball and Animal Crossing: Wild World again. What's the four leafed clover do again?
    And I got jumpscared by a wasp and a few other things.
    In short, what a week.
    Lego Lord of the Rings hates me so much.
    "Ok I've got more than 2 million studs, I can afford this booster!"
    The stud booster costs 4 million.
    I've had similar issues with Saruman (whos located at the end of an incredibly hard obstacle course) and some Mithril Bricks are a pain to collect.
    So I was rummaging up in my room and found some old Telepods for Angry Birds Star Wars 2. I remembered the game was my childhood when I was younger, and went to download it on the app store. However, when I got there I found it was not on the app store along with numerous old angry birds games. Can someone help me with this?
    The only possible answer I found was that Rovio removed the old games for "testing purposes". It's been a year so I don't know what they're doing. The only way I've found to redownload the game is via amazon, and I don't want to get an amazon account for it.
    Rovio is a disgusting ass company, yet nobody talks about them (probably because EA overshadows them). They flat out wiped everyone's progress in Angry Birds Go, including paid content, and forced players to pay for said content again. They've ruined multiple of their 99¢ games by making them F2P and overloading them with ads via updates. Now with their recent games, it's pay to play. If you lose a few levels, pay it up or wait a few hours to play again. I haven't noticed any of their games deleted from the AppStore before, so I'll check that out.

    Update: my theory is that they wanted to force new players to play Angry Birds 2 or their awful humanoid bird spinoffs and fork it over in frustration, while deleting all of their previous enjoyable experiences for new players who haven't downloaded those games.

    **** you, Rovio. Angry Birds was a huge part of my childhood, and my high school friend/crush sketched me a drawing of Bubbles back in 4th grade, back when he was new to the series. To think the series went down the toilet over an EA level of greed is just depressing. At least Fruit Ninja is still a decent game.

    Thank god my father still has the OG games on his Kindle. I told him to avoid updating. He still plays them to this day.
    That's what depresses me. Now all my telepods have no use. An if I wanted to collect them, I can't, they cost 20-120 bucks a piece on amazon.
    Dang all the new profile posts are about JDCabrera coming back. That has to be a record, cause now all the posts on his profile are just people saying welcome back.
    Another Fallen Heroes Banner is FEH is exactly what I wanted. I'm glad they added it, all the new guys look busted.
    Got a Forsyth, Hubert, F!Ike and F!Lyon
    Pacific Rim was a really good film. I've also been on a quest to 100% Lego Lotr. Wish me luck.
    I have been getting pretty bored so I started watching some movies and TV. Rewatching Psych and watching the movie for the first time was great, Upstart Crow is quite enjoyable, I rewatched Avengers again (it's been a few years) watched Edge of Tomorrow (I thought it was pretty boring) and I watched a lot more I don't remember much about. There's not much to do when you're holed up inside surprisingly.
    The Cinderace thread has blown up more than expected. It's still playing second fiddle to Zacian and Zamazenta on views, supporters, and pages.
    Back into playing LEGO Dimensions. Really wish it wasn't cancelled.
    I've also been getting into the X-Men films. I don't care what people say about Apocalypse, I quite liked it.
    I love answering questions on online math
    A. the 4th one will have 25 diamonds total
    B. stage 10 will have 100 diamonds
    C. the number of trees each stage is the previous stages number + one column at the top and one row at the bottom
    D. n+tx2= 1
    Would you Rather?: I would work at either resturant depending on the specifics, which are not given. Like, How Popular is the Resturant, Do People normally tip at resturant b, how much work is needed at resturant a, is resturant a or b understaffed? Are either going out of buisness? See, you need to know the specifics before selecting anything, so i can't definietively say I would always pick either a or b every time I had the choice, but based off the results here with none of the above variables mentioned, I'd pick B as tips vary greatly and I'd probably be getting a decent wage. But wait, $12 is the minimum wage in the United States, meaning that Store B is illegal by all means, as 10.50 is below 12. So unless I want to be caught in a scandal (which i don't want to be) I'd pick A, it might mean no tipping, but that store is paying me far over the minimum wage, meaning I'd be making a lot of money, as 5 hours is the generic default for a part time job, which would be far more convienient as I'd probably be busy later on, 5 x 18= 90 so I'd be making 90 dollars a day, and as the minimum number of days in a work week is 5, multiply that, and I'd be making 450 a week, which is a giant amount of cash. This resturant must be high quality, so I'd definetly work there.
    Ekans used Wrap!
    Caterpie is caught by Wrap!
    Caterpie used String Shot!
    Insert breaking and crashing of my Pokémon Firered cartridge here.
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