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Recent content by Poccoishere

  1. Poccoishere

    Reverse aerials

    I use c stick for everything but nair only because I haven't found a way to yet.
  2. Poccoishere

    JC Up-Smash?

    Yes thats what I mean by Jc -> jump cancel. So more or less I am wondering how punishable up smash is in neutral.
  3. Poccoishere

    JC Up-Smash?

    So I am practicing instant up air and I keep jc up smashing. How much will this kill my neutral?
  4. Poccoishere

    How do you shino stall

    I never actually had that problem because I would basically stay up until i saw my poof then aim down. Also letting go and turing to zelda/sheik(same idea and no clue what name of that tech is) is actually pretty strong when you recover as the former.
  5. Poccoishere

    How do you shino stall

    Never knew you could use the c-stick to let go of ledge noice. But I use the analog stick and cry with the whip comes out.
  6. Poccoishere

    How do you like to recover?

    If I get close to ledge after my double jump then I weave in and out to try and bait them to commit to either the stage or the ledge(the latter is still the better option because **** shiek but still).
  7. Poccoishere

    Sheik run off stage turn around needle cancel instant ledge grab.

    It is impossible for run -> wd -> st -> wd back to be faster than run -> run off -> rnc... I mean think for a second. It is far more difficult to do the latter but the former is far slower and arguing from that stand point is idiotic.
  8. Poccoishere

    How the **** to invisible shine?

    It is an edge cancelled shine much like an edge cancelled Shiek up b. No real advice other than do it.
  9. Poccoishere

    Punishing Fox's Dash Attack

    Sounds like the fox ends up behind a shielding Sheik. Assuming this I would say don't try for the shield grab and simply ftilt the fox then tech chase him until he crys.
  10. Poccoishere

    Sheik Up-B Mechanics

    Add a tl;dr ples but I will read this later
  11. Poccoishere

    Losing to players worse than me lately

    Nope once a scrublord always a scrublord.
  12. Poccoishere

    New Sheik

    A better edge guard game as her moves end faster and with many of her attacks she can regrab ledge after using them immediately. You also gain aerial needle which basically allows you to gimp anything that is off stage for basically free. Your recovery is a safer drop zone recovery which again...
  13. Poccoishere

    Neutral Game Sheik?

    Ultimate shield pressure is a good tech chase
  14. Poccoishere

    Best examples of Roy's viability?

    Post video of Sethlon losing
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