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Recent content by Pluttergub

  1. Pluttergub

    Shine Properties

    It's possible to buffer a roll out of shinegrab, but it's not possible to do so out of a doubleshine/multishine. For all practical purposes, shinegrab is usually better than multishining since multishining consistently is extremely difficult. I usually just mix up my shield pressure between...
  2. Pluttergub

    platform Edge cancelled bowser bomb

    I was referring to that bug, but you obviously already know about it. I'd be really interested to see the edge-cancelled Bowser Bomb in action if you can recreate and record it!
  3. Pluttergub

    platform Edge cancelled bowser bomb

    One more question: did it happen on a platform or at the edge of the stage, near the ledge? I've never seen it happen before on a platform but there's a bug with Bowser's DownB near the ledge that might make it seem like a ledgecancel.
  4. Pluttergub

    platform Edge cancelled bowser bomb

    I didn't think that was possible to do with Bowser Bomb since you only move vertically. Maybe you hit their shield on the platform and then slid off? It might be easier to see this in action.
  5. Pluttergub

    platform Edge cancelled bowser bomb

    I'm not sure what you mean by platform ledge cancelled. Can you elaborate or post a gif of it?
  6. Pluttergub

    Bowser MU discussion

    I find this very hard to believe. First off, 3.6 has been out for several weeks now, and given the significant changes to Bowser from 3.6b to 3.6, most if not all of his matchups have not been extensively played or analyzed at a high level yet. Discussion about matchups is important, but not...
  7. Pluttergub

    Bowser's L cancel

    Flames are safe on shield. You can't abuse that in 3.6 as much as you could in previous versions due to the removal of flame cancel, but the flames themselves are stronger than ever. Spacing Fair on shield can be hard to punish for many characters even though it's not positive on shield. If...
  8. Pluttergub

    I like it a lot. This Bowser is the best one yet imo. He still has some characteristics that I...

    I like it a lot. This Bowser is the best one yet imo. He still has some characteristics that I don't like, but that's not Bowser's problem, it's my own. I was tempted to start maining him again but after several hours of play I don't think I will.
  9. Pluttergub

    Bowser general discussion thread.

    The former. Also, I would like if they made ledgejump wavelanding straight down consistent across all stages and ledges. For instance, the right side of GHZ will kill you but the left side won't.
  10. Pluttergub

    Bowser general discussion thread.

    I'm not expecting much. In fact, I'd be completely fine if there were no changes to Bowser in 3.6 other than ledgegrab bug fixes.
  11. Pluttergub

    Help! Projectiles everywhere!

    Powershield the projectiles if he's too far away to punish with a dash attack. Dash attack through the projectiles if he's close enough to punish with a dash attack. Sounds like your brother isn't too concerned with spacing correctly, so as long as you stay near him you should be able to punish...
  12. Pluttergub

    Bowser general discussion thread.

    Depending on their dash dance spacing, flame cancelling can often catch any grounded approaches Marth makes. I'll often act like a scrubby Bowser and do doublejump baits in neutral to make Marth think I'll land with a Fair or something. Instead, I'll land with a flame cancel if he starts running...
  13. Pluttergub

    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Bowser's wavedash at 0:37 looks different than it does now. It is possible they removed the 1-frame physics delay?
  14. Pluttergub

    Claw Grab animation speed up

    The only downside I could think of is if you get a Klaw when you and your opponent are both airborne. If you speed up the animation, you may not be able to get a followup since you have to spend time hitting the ground and regaining your jump. Intentionally performing the slow animation can...
  15. Pluttergub

    Claw Grab animation speed up

    He's right; you can hit A or flick the control stick (like a smash attack) in the direction you throw them to speed up the animation. There is almost no downside to speeding up the animation, so you should do it every time.
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