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Recent content by Plasma

  1. Plasma

    Watching Little Boys: A Lucas Video Thread

    Here's some of my matches. Sorry for the twitch archives but it's all I have for now. Rat (Winners Bracket) http://www.twitch.tv/windycitysmash/b/528877301?t=144m 5-1 http://www.twitch.tv/windycitysmash/b/528877301?t=262m Sago http://www.twitch.tv/windycitysmash/b/528877301?t=274m Rat (Losers...
  2. Plasma

    Lucas General Discussion

    Out of hit stun, you jump, air dodge forward and zair quickly, just like mentioned above. It's pretty useful at mid %s as a surprise move IMO.
  3. Plasma

    Tier List Speculation

    He was at TBH3 but he missed the sign ups at the time, so he only played friendlies.
  4. Plasma

    EXPosure 8 feat M2K, Kels, Tink, Darkatma and more

    Thanks for all the shoutout guys! And it was nice meeting everyone again! EXP 8 was amazing and I'm already hype for EXP 9 lol. Darkatma, yeah we'll definitely play again next time we're at a tourney. Sucks we played so early in the bracket, you tore through losers like it was nothing. Can't...
  5. Plasma

    [Nov 15, 2014] Smash 101 (Oak Park, IL)

    Good stuff man, teaming with you was fun as hell lol
  6. Plasma

    Midwest [Oct 28, 2015] Wavedash Wednesday (Oak Park, IL)

    Got wrecked on stream by boomerang Laz :(. Good stuff guys, hopefully I can start attending more often if work allows me to.
  7. Plasma

    Hello Weirdo

    Hello Weirdo
  8. Plasma

    The many powers of Kirby

    Kirby's arrows does a bit more damage and has a more strict curve (Brawl's curve). Kirby's arrows also doesn't lose power as it travels.
  9. Plasma

    The many powers of Kirby

    Seems to me that Metaknight, Wario, Squirtle, Charizard, Snake, Pit, G&W, Link and Toon Link hats gets the brawl version instead of the modified PM version. ICs hat doesn't have the hammer hitbox. Wolf hat can waveland. Zelda hat can land cancel.
  10. Plasma

    Project M Social Thread

    Trying to post something, but for some reason it won't go through. I'll edit this if it does. Platform cancelling in P:M can be done in a couple of ways: 1. Down on the C-stick as you pass through a platform. Can cause lag as you land for most characters. 2. While holding down on the control...
  11. Plasma

    Record of Main - Popularity Track List For 2.5

    Plasma Sheik: 5 Zelda: 4 Lucas: 1
  12. Plasma


  13. Plasma

    Zelda Social Thread

    Thanks for posting these. Learning quite a bit and loving the commentary, lol
  14. Plasma

    Project M Social Thread

    I think that's just a mod-only feature.
  15. Plasma

    The Official List of Project M Stream & Youtube Channels to Follow!

    GHNeko's youtube page is misspelled as 'goldgenheartneko' in the first post.
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