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    What songs do you guy's listen to whilst playing in Tournaments

    Either EDM or hip hop (Logic, G Eazy, Gambino etc)
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    SmashPad Official Launch Trailer

    Looks great, I'll definitely get it.
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    What are some "signature combos" you or your friends have created?

    C. Falcon's downthrow into down taunt is considered a "true combo" by me & my friends. Nobody ever bothers trying to punish me for doing it since it's so hilarious. Other than that i have a few ganon combos i found that work pretty well.
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    Social Smash 4 Social 6.0 - 『ONE YEAR OF SOCIAL 6.0!』

    the longer you wait, the more spoilers you'll see. be warned.
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    What Tier is Cloud?

    He's pretty good, and can recover better on certain stages where he can wall hop. His combo game is good and his f smash kills super early (like, 70% uncharged on some occasions). In addition, he has limit break which, when charged makes him overall much better at killing and recovering. Having...
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    So who here will be try to main Corrin when he comes out?

    I've mained every FE character bar Robin so yeah. Plus she's got a chainsaw sword, paralyzer thing, and can turn into a dragon.
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    Ganondorf: Patch 1.1.3 Changes

    I was wrong- turns out when it's activated in the air right next to a character it doesn't connect regardless. I had been doing this before but when the patch came out i must've been doing choke from a distance and thinking that it was buffed.
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    Ganondorf: Patch 1.1.3 Changes

    This might not be accurate, but it feels like side B has a larger range to grab, since before you couldn't grab above the torso (on ganon) and still connect. Again, this might just be anecdotal evidence since I haven't tested it extensively but this is true then side B could be a little bit better.
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    Most hated match up?

    Let me add Cloud. He's extremely annoying to fight when all people do is run away and charge the limit break.
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    The Bayonetta "I was wrong" thread

    i didn't really want her as a character because i don't like her as a character, but i never thought she didn't have a chance. that being said, i thought sakurai wanted the game to be kid friendly or whatnot. although he did call smash 4 a competitive game to maybe things are changing
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    Official General Post-DLC Discussion [Closed]

    well rip the dream i suppose, I'm not too excited about any of these characters. but whatever, I'm sure they've be cool
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    Social Smash 4 Social 6.0 - 『ONE YEAR OF SOCIAL 6.0!』

    i never would've expected bayonetta ;-;
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    Official General Post-DLC Discussion [Closed]

    i suppose I'm okay with any character as long as they're unique in how they play.
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    Notable Players for Each Character (Ranking Period August-Dec 2015) [North America]

    suggestion: make each character under spoilertags so the OP isn't extremely long by the end Also Mew2King does play DK right? or did I miss something?
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    Official General Post-DLC Discussion [Closed]

    he has a multitude of other abilities/ items that are usable in his game. also, it wouldn't even matter if he only used a shovel especially because we have several fighters whose attacks all involve a sword.
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