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Recent content by Pixel_

  1. Pixel_

    new twitter link: https://twitter.com/Vecderg

    new twitter link: https://twitter.com/Vecderg
  2. Pixel_

    Strategy vs Neutral B at the edge?

    Harder to mash out of at higher percents, but you should definitely be able to mash out at lower. I recommend finding a good mash method -- if you just mash any/all buttons you can come out with a bad move and end up killing yourself. I personally mash jump/airdodge, but circling the left stick...
  3. Pixel_

    For those who main Yoshi, who is your secondary and why?

    From my experience (and from what I've seen), Yoshi players generally have trouble switching to other mains for whatever reason, and that might extend to getting secondaries. I think that's been the case for a while, but in Ultimate, Yoshi seems to be considered solo viable (i.e. he doesn't...
  4. Pixel_

    Q&A READ BEFORE POSTING -- Yoshi Question and Answer Thread

    Yoshi's double jump is knockback-based subtractive armor (like heavy armor except it also reduces knockback when broken), meaning that whether or not the armor will be broken is extremely variable, from rage to staling to how long attacks are charged. If we ignore these variables and just look...
  5. Pixel_

    Q&A READ BEFORE POSTING -- Yoshi Question and Answer Thread

    Umm, hard to give advice off of such limited information; giving some match footage would probably be more helpful. Though, based on the info you've given I would guess you're still focused on actions themselves rather than the purposes of your actions, so I'd suggest looking into that. Knowing...
  6. Pixel_

    Yoshi's magic shoes

    Not Yoshi specific or shoe specific; just a matter of clanking hitboxes. Though I'm not sure about the rules of priority in this game, generally stronger attacks beat out weaker ones. You can destroy some projectiles this way, or just beat out other attacks in general. Hitting the cannonball...
  7. Pixel_

    Short hop mechanics chat

    Can't do buffered full hop aerials, since it automatically makes it a short hop no matter how long you press the jump button. Not sure what else, though.
  8. Pixel_

    Ridley is bad.

    I've probably been standing on the sidelines too long, might as well throw in my opinion if you're genuinely looking for discussion. Other heavies and characters with bad disadvantage have still been able to be good characters, it just depends on how well they can stand their ground, though of...
  9. Pixel_

    Ridley's Recovery

    Ridley's Up B has 4 angles: up, forward, back, and down. Forward is always angled down, backwards is always angled up, and down is always angled forward -- that's just how it works. If you want to use backwards Up B to recover, you can't use b reverse / turnaround b (afaik anyway), so you...
  10. Pixel_

    Short hop mechanics chat

    It's less of a new mechanic and more of a way to mess with our inputs afaik You could do the same thing in Smash 4 by buffering the attack during jumpsquat, so if there's any new combos it'd be due to the moves rather than the shorthop mechanic.
  11. Pixel_

    Yoshi's number one flaw in Smash 4

    Yoshi's flawed in a lot of ways in Smash 4, but not having super armor on his Down B is not one of them. Down B is a high risk, high reward move -- in other words, it's designed to be able to be punished if it misses. If you don't want Down B to be punished, then either don't use it, or use it...
  12. Pixel_

    Hostility towards Yoshi in For Glory?

    Yoshi gained a reputation as an annoying, "brain-dead" character during Smash 4, which seems to be carrying over into Ultimate, unfortunately, though I don't think there's much we can do about it.
  13. Pixel_

    Yoshi in Ultimate Information Thread (WIP)

    afaik range was nerfed in the front but buffed in the back, so I would think of it as repurposed rather than nerfed (though with the removal of perfect pivoting I'm not sure if it'd be harder to land it). Weird considering the animation, though...
  14. Pixel_

    Social The Egg-Cellent Dinosaurl! Yoshi in Smash Ultimate Thread!

    Forgot to check the Smash Ultimate boards for some reason, whoops. Hi guys!
  15. Pixel_

    Grievance against Pkmn Trainer

    Since switching is instant, Pokemon Trainer will probably be balanced around using all 3 characters, meaning that each individual character will be weaker (and maybe not even solo viable).
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