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    Joker Stage Picks

    What do you think are stage picks that benefit Joker?
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    Who are the most difficult players you’ve faced online?

    One that happened last night was a Lucas player named "Blucas!". He was doing all sorts of crazy stuff with his Rope Snake/PK Magnet/PK Fire to mix up his recovery, as well as falling up airs for days. Edit: I've just found out he fought hungrybox on stream a while ago....lmao
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    Wolf Combo Potentials

    I don't mean to be a shill but I made a video on some jab lock combos.
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    Your favorite match-ups?

    :4littlemac::4ryu::4falcon: These guys in any combination, its a blast.
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    Smash Bros. Pet Peeve?

    Roll and shield spam When you rack up someones damage but you can't land the killing blow Missing a 9 as G&W or a Falcon Punch Link on For Glory, all they do is spam their projectiles
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