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Recent content by PierceWantsToSmash

  1. PierceWantsToSmash

    The Smash Stick Kickstarter is Live!

    How do you use it with the N64?
  2. PierceWantsToSmash

    Request Final Destination Background Removal

    So I just got melee and copied its ISO onto my computer so I could play it using dolphin because my wii sounds like it's going to explode every time it boots. It works great and I am having a lot of fun, but most of the stages though are really janky and the only stage that I really play on is...
  3. PierceWantsToSmash

    Who's your Main?

    My main is Cloud but to be honest I never really play with him because I find winning with him is too easy. I only go to him if my opponent is really skilled. I usually go to one of my many secondaries such as Fox, Falco, Mario, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, and Donkey Kong. (ik thats a lot)
  4. PierceWantsToSmash

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Revealed at E3 2018

    I was really excited for the new air dodge mechanics but now that you say you can't wave dash with them I'm disappointed. I really wish they excluded fraction damage, the game looks really cluttered with all the new gauges and other etc. not saying that they wont be useful, but the cosmetics are...
  5. PierceWantsToSmash

    Smashboards Update June - Feedback and Issues Thread

    For some reason I can't seem to scroll with my mouse anymore on this webpage and my signature doesn't show up. Also if you could bring back the tier list tab and newest posts box that would be great. Edit: I found the the newest post page.
  6. PierceWantsToSmash

    Tell me the scariest story you can think of with just one sentence.

    Fortnite comes out for Switch (This might be actually happening though)
  7. PierceWantsToSmash

    Wireless Gamecube Controllers

    Those shoulder buttons scare me
  8. PierceWantsToSmash

    Smash 5 Character Art Predictions

    This is obviously what it will look like. really sorry images are broken
  9. PierceWantsToSmash

    GameCube Controller on Switch: How will it happen?

  10. PierceWantsToSmash

    The ‘Would you rather have in smash?’ game thread

    Poochy, he will replace the dog that covers the screen lol. Would you rather this be a skill based game like Melee or a casual player's game like Brawl?
  11. PierceWantsToSmash

    New Details Emerge for Nintendo's Online Switch Service

    Is there a reason not to buy it?
  12. PierceWantsToSmash

    RCA To HDMI Adapters

    Hello, i'm planning on buy an RCA to HDMI converter for my Wii. I'm not entirely sure if the HDMI enhances the image a whole lot but I've seen many complaints of a damaged Wii / Gamecube after using one. Do any of you guys have any experience of using one of these? Should I use one that...
  13. PierceWantsToSmash

    The Smash 5 Ongoing Story Game

    his Waddle Dee was, disabling him...
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