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  • he he that's funny, but i am not an astrologist, and this site has it right on the money. ILoveIndia the Aquarius male is real accurate, even the Aquarius child where it refers to mom telling me to be a doctor but that i just turn the other cheek and become an artist... rather ironic since artists hardly make any dough. i was to be in the Gifted Classes but i chose my old friends over high class (referring to the time it mentions Einstein)
    check your sign to see of it is right on the money.

    it is way easier on my friends because i am with them noticing their actions but just words is harder to probe the mind for me, and i don't know my friends birthdays, they are, sadly, forgettable. think of this transaction as either practice or research. either could place me in a lunatic category for trying imo.
    final guess, this is my sign, are you.......

    Aquarius. your thought process and what others say is very convincing, sorry if i am intruding in any way in your life, btw.
    what the ****? they bleeped me! awesome i dont have to do it myself like i do in myspace. anyways, what is your sign, it is vital for more experimentation. i will dissect it to the greatest extent of which the likes of you have never seen before then implement it to the people in my neighborhood who oddly enough each have one of each sign except serpentarius.
    query: have you ever gone to http://www.dzarchive.com/iragination/?
    lots of fireman pics (what are the odds that you are Iván Rodríguez Asqui?)
    ****, I've still got a ways to go. are you a fire sign? (aries, Leo) (my bro is a sag and he said the exact same thing in person)(the ranting)(sags and aquarians have always had disputes all throughout history but no one jotted them down because no one cared)
    But you understand the concept, right. Avenues for more character cameos, beyond playable characters.
    I don't use this site for social aspects, so I've never tried. Its just a game site as far as I'm concerned. :p
    Two years and no friends? Aren't you unpopular. :laugh: Considering our history, I think this invitation is long overdue so I'm sending one now.
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