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  • Hey if you're ever intersted in sex than call me ;D

    But no seriously! If you are ever interested in tournaments near you just go to the tournaments listing and don't follow Kaden's way of doing things. All he does is play over Wi-Fi, if you truly want a challenge I suggest real life tournaments or you can just come here to Florida! We have lots of good players. We even have Mew2King interested in joining one of our tournaments.
    LOLOLOLOLOL I could'nt help it. THAT's HILARIOUS! Wait....i have a zeadro account on Pe2k?
    You ****ing idiot! You made me have to edit that stupid post into a chapter which I didnt want to release yet! You have a zearo account on PE2k and you could have just PM'd me! And I always LEAVE my computer on that site so I can check updates and make sure my fic doesn't get too far down on the list. Seriously, use your brain more often you ******. And you STILL could have sent my account a PM using the same account! It's wierd, and I wish you had tried that before COMPLETELY YELLING WITH AWFUL GRAMMAR ON MY FAN POST!!!!
    Hey pickleboy i saw you on PKMN elite and tried to get your attention! Hehe.....sorry about it.....you'll understand.
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