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  • Well hey there. Been a while. How have you been? Planning another mass joint? Either way, it's good to see you back phatcat :)
    Ummmm...no, we're not including them. Also, why the glare, CB? And I've been absent for a while because we forgot to pay the cable bill.... I had to rely on some random crappy WiFi connection with my Wii. Obviously, I can't depend on that and it's only really good for Youtube/reading. Too much trouble to post anything with that.

    Also. *glares angrily*
    hey...dont tell me your using the other johto starters besides feraligatr too @_@
    When? Well, I haven't actually started keying him yet. It's all in my mind. But Silver (Our version) has been planned for quite a long time. Ask....Uh...I guess Master Warlord or Hyper_Ridley would be the most reliable sources for full time detail. As an insomniac, I lose track of time quite easily.
    hey, when did you start working on Feraligatr?

    I have 2 other pokemon to make sets for as well as him, so hes -very- work in progress atm :p
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