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Recent content by PF9

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    Smash Shipping - Ultimate Edition

    Kirby/Jigglypuff isn't talked about much.
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    Social THE Social Thread 2.0

    OK, Smash has a lot of music tracks that are in the heavy metal style, both original and remixes. These arrangements should be frequently covered by actual metal bands in concert.
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    Garden of Hope is what Scott Weiland would call a Wicked Garden

    Garden of Hope is what Scott Weiland would call a Wicked Garden
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    Sparking some discussion - Pikachu Smash Switch speculation thread

    The Detective Pikachu movie proved that Pikachu with realistic fur can work. I hope Sakurai took notes from it, and in a future update we get Pikachu with realistic fur.
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    What Pokémon would you add to Ultimate?

    I'd like Lycanroc (all three forms each with a different attack), Primarina, and Noivern. All as summons.
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    If Nintendo Made a Crossover Fighter Just Like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but Featuring a Cast not Based on Video Game All-Stars, Would you Buy It?

    It doesn't have to be Nintendo necessarily that makes something like this. I've been wanting a Smash-style game with comic characters for a while now. Not just DC and Marvel (who'd make up a large amount of the roster), but perhaps Sabrina as an Archie rep, Wynonna Earp as an IDW rep, and also...
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    Will Smash ever reachs it's full potential?

    Outside of SSE and Smash Tour, perhaps more modes from previous games should be added in future updates. While this would require Sakurai to change his mind about not adding any more new modes, it would make the game truly Ultimate. And not just returning modes, some brand new ones could be...
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    Social Petey's Garden - Piranha Plant Social Thread AKA Plant Gang HQ

    Got an Amiibo today I think the most fitting name for PP is Audrey, after the main antagonist of Little Shop of Horrors. The musical came out in 1982, so it's very possible that it inspired the Piranha Plant enemy from Super Mario Bros., which came out in 1985.
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    Official Amiibo General Thread - Complete Smash Bros. Set Now Avaliable!

    I've got a shipment of 11 new Amiibo released this year coming soon I could probably name Incineroar Tiger Claw since I'm a TMNT fan (ViacomCBS will become the franchise's new owners this Wednesday), or I could name it after a college that has Tigers as their nickname (Auburn, Clemson, LSU...
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    SSB Headcanons - Ultimate Edition

    Falco likes grunge music
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    Social Social Thread - Please Read Last Post

    What's the hottest music performance simulator (games like Guitar Hero) nowadays? I'd like an entry in that series for the Switch in which all the tracks are the rock-based tracks in Smash.
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    SSB Headcanons - Ultimate Edition

    Wolf has no interest in Isabelle. He wants to date an actual female wolf. He says that though domestic dogs may closely be related, he feels they are not truly wolves. When in his Brian Griffin personality, Duck Hunt Dog once stumbled upon Marth smoking crack. The exchange went like this...
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    Smash Shipping - Ultimate Edition

    Lucario/Wolf, completely platonic
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    SSB Headcanons - Ultimate Edition

    Numerous Smashers have formed stables like the ones in pro wrestling. Some Smashers belong to more than one stable. One such stable is the Youth Gone Wild stable. Its members? Ness, Pichu, Young Link, Ice Climbers, Diddy Kong, Lucas, Toon Link, Villager(s) and Inkling(s). Whenever some Smashers...
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    Social Social Thread - Please Read Last Post

    Has anyone here created fictional musicians? I created an 1980s hair metal band named Klondike, whose songs deal with themes related to the cold.
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