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  • Pete, you're a pretty cool guy.

    Except changing your avatar gets you some points deducted :S
    Well he used to hang out in the Lucario social once upon a time, back when he was KaleidoRuby, and we talked some then. Didn't seem to derpy except for that time I asked him where his avatar was from and he posted a link to a very NSFW image on my profile. Other than that pretty normal.

    Though you prolly know him IRL, right? Don't you two live in Australia?
    Man, we end one dispute and you want to start another. :( You're like Pink.
    Well, you'll have your opinion and I'll have mine, yeah? No need to argue over such trivial things, right?
    Well I'm assuming you're gay, so that's obviously going to affect your choice when presented with identical twins of differing genders.
    So there's the Manga, the Anime, and the Visual Novel? :psycho:

    Oh well I'll go with the original plan unless you know where I can read the Visual Novel.
    Can't believe I was right! I really liked the anime, made me shed some tears. :crying:

    I'll rewatch it and read the manga as well. :D
    Is your avatar of Tsukihime (Lunar Legend)? I'm probably way off, but it does bring back memories of that show. There was two maids in it I recall. I'll have to watch it again.
    Hey Pete,
    I have to regretfully resign from the competition. Alot of stuff jumped out on me this week, and FCAT tests are scheduled. Sorry.
    Well, since we were slightly over the 3 day deadline by an hour, my win won't actually count unless you post also. So feel free to do whatever.
    Uugh, it looks like you're in a different time zond than I am. I'm EST (GMT-5), but I guess I can be on all afternoon and evening.
    Hey, we're supposed to play each other in Shoddy. Saw you were online, i can vs right now, if not tomorrow (thursday) is fine. Add me on msn,
    Hey it's xXSweepXx, were supposed to be vsing each other in the shoddy tourney so yeah, my msn is Hope to have fun!
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