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Recent content by PerfectALPHA

  1. PerfectALPHA

    PM 3.6b Sawnd List?

    Does anyone have such a thing? I want to replace Roy's voice with SSB4 Roy's voice, but seeing that they changed where Roy's Sawnd file is, I don't know what file to replace. Please and thank you!
  2. PerfectALPHA

    Midwest [Apr 25, 2015] #EndThePaign - Melee, Project M and Smash 4 Tournament for... (Urbana, Illinois)

    Sorry that no one has responded to your question. This tournament does not require any previous participation in any other tournament. This can be your first tournament that you attend. However, this is done with pools, meaning that the real bracket won't start until we've weeded out the top...
  3. PerfectALPHA

    Who are you favorite pros?

    Go Azen, also Ken.
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