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    Smash Wii U Southwest Michigan Smash?

    I'm quite tired of driving out to Kalamazoo (it's an hour for me in Berrien). Grand Rapids is even further. I've hosted some events at my own house (last one had 37 people) but there wasn't any talent represented. Are there any tournaments in Southwest Michigan I can find to attend and...
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    The Legends Were True: Falcon's Footstool ---> Falcon Kick Tech!

    Well my friend, I did specifically state that this combo is anything but optimal. Additionally I said this is a mixup, so only as guaranteed as a grab after jab 1 and 2. I'm very well aware of this move's limitations, but in NO WAY is this a troll post. I hoped this would have been clear by...
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    The Legends Were True: Falcon's Footstool ---> Falcon Kick Tech!

    As many have speculated, Falcon Kick is a hidden badass move in C. Falcon's arsenal. Unfortunately, it hasn't received the credit it's due. Some poor fools use it as a for glory roll punish. Others mixup their recoveries to include the fiery strike. That's why I'm here to herald a new...
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    PAC-MAN Discord Community

    Can I get the link? Pac boyz
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    Solo Main Viable?

    I agree, Greninja can be played alot of different ways. To best a Sheik you have to be creative enough to find openings and fight hard offstage (Hydro Pump is arguably among the best edge guarding moves in the game).
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    Incorporating Shadow Sneak?

    Doing Shadow Sneak by the ledge (so that he's walking against the edge of the stage) is great mixup to catch predicatble recoveries for the kill. By fully charging (or nearly so) the SS and short hopping or full hopping right before it activates, you teleport through the air instead of using...
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    Solo Main Viable?

    I think we can all agree that iStudying has shown us a glimpse of Greninja's potential. The tournament could have gone in his favor if Esam had taken Mr. R out. Mr. R had two things going for him: matchup knowledge and a Sheik privilege. Esam didn't know how to apply pressure on iStudying in...
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    Top Diddy Discussion: The top player tier list!

    I see the Michiganders can agree that Zinoto is best ;)
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    Who is easier to play among the top-tiers?

    Easiest top tiers: :4cloud2: :4mario: :4sonic: :4zss: :4bayonetta:are very easily to learn and very rewarding. :4falcon::4ness::4pit::4darkpit: :4fox:are easy to learn but you have to work hard against tough matchups. :4sheik::4metaknight::4villager: :4ryu: :4pikachu: are quite technical...
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    Top Diddy Discussion: The top player tier list!

    While I agree that MVD has been returning to his original success lately, Zinoto has consistently placed well and recently has a winning streak against Ally. Can MVD say he's double eliminated Dabuz before? He's only almost beaten Nairo and I don't think this compares. Zinoto is at least...
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    Top Diddy Discussion: The top player tier list!

    At G3 Zinoto and Nietono had the best results among the solo Diddy Kong mains, both placing 25th. I think MVD and Zinoto are quite even (MVD coming close to beating Nairo, Zinoto going even with Ally in nearly every Michigan GF's), but Nietono seems like a higher level Diddy than either. He...
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    Top Diddy Discussion: The top player tier list!

    We're all a little tired of looking at tier lists for characters, I'm sure. It's difficult to make universal statements about top tier picks in smash 4, and even more difficult is determining which players are in the top 32. One thing that I thought would be a good change of pace from these...
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    Where do you guys think Diddy Kong is on the tier list?

    Cloud also gives Diddy some trouble. His insane range enables him to edgeguard quite easily. Cloud's neutral b can destroy the banana and peanut so Diddy is forced to challenge his sword. He might be one of his worst match ups, just because of how ridiculously hard it is to keep up with...
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